Build a Strong Virus Fighting Machine!
Dear Nw Women's Fitness Friends,

Since last March our world has turned upside down and caused most of us to reevaluate how we lived our lives, as we knew it before the pandemic invaded our lives. And let’s face it many of us have simply lost our way. We’ve struggled to take the right steps to ensure our body is strong and in the position to fight a silent virus enemy. Without our normal routines we have gotten out of sync and consequently our health is in somewhat of jeopardy. 

Ready for the great news? It is a new year and we have total control over how we combat this very real concern. With a plan, the right support and guidance we can change your body from a weak opponent of a silent virus warrior into a Virus Fighting Machine (VFM)! 

And just like always, at NW Women's Fitness Club we've got your back!

Did you know that the only way your body can be a VFM and fight off the silent virus warrior is by developing a strong immunity? You might have heard that before, but let me explain what it means and more importantly how we can help. The only way to develop a strong immunity, that puts your body in the ideal state to fight off sickness, is by adopting a healthy lifestyle that includes moderate exercise, proper nutrition with immunity boosting ingredients, a positive mental attitude and a good night's sleep.
Simple right?

Here’s where we can help you. Our '21 Balanced Habits™ 28-Day KICK START program is set to begin on Friday, January 15th, 2020. If you’ve done the program in the past or have never heard of it, this KICK START was created with immunity boosting antioxidant ingredients that will not only support your good health, it will build your body into the VFM that you need to stay healthy for yourself and your loved ones who count on you! Imagine having a coach to guide and support you for 28-days while you reclaim some of the aspects of your life that you’ve lost since March ’20. Mainly having the confidence of good health.

Because we’re sensitive to our community members' needs, we can offer this KICK START program 100% virtually!! We understand that some of you are not quite ready to engage socially, we provide an option so everyone can build a strong immunity to have more ammunition against this silent virus enemy.
Our program is slated to begin on Friday, January 15th, 2021 because we begin as one community group that holds one another up throughout the entire 28-days. We encourage everyone to be a part of our private Facebook group for encouragement and support.

Participation is normally members $249 and non-members $259, but because we’re so passionate about supporting you to develop into a VFM,
we’ve decided to lower the price to JUST $99 for EVERYONE!

The number of participants we can manage is limited due to our reduced staff so don’t wait to secure your spot!

Cheers to the Future Virus Fighting Machine!

Your Food Coach Team at NW Women's Fitness Club,
Alta Acosta, Carol Nelson, Gillian Rubin and Liane Burns

Email or call Alta with any questions (971) 732-6784
NW Women's Fitness Club