September 2019
Featured Blog Post
Understanding the Relationship Between Anxiety and Sensory Processing Disorder

Would you believe 80% of people with sensory processing difficulties have anxiety?  It's not uncommon for children to be diagnosed with anxiety disorder, only to have their parents wonder why the medication they are prescribed doesn't seem to help. Not all children with anxiety have sensory issues, of course, but it is nearly impossible to effectively treat anxiety with medication only if the child also has sensory issues. Why? Because the underlying cause of the anxiety isn't being addressed.

In this month's featured blog post we explain how these two things are connected and provide some tips for friends and family of children who have anxiety related to sensory issues.

Game Nights Are Back for Fall!

Our popular Kid's Creek Game Nights are back and start next week! Meet new friends, socialize in a low-pressure setting, and learn new games! Improve turn-taking, social regard, and communication skills! The nights are facilitated by Kid's Creek therapists. All knowledge and skill levels welcome. Snacks and drinks will be provided. 

Two six-week sessions available for two different age groups: 12 & up on Thursdays and K-5 on Tuesdays. Click here for the details.
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Superheroes Activate!
It's Superhero Week!

September 9-13 is
Superhero Week at Kid's Creek! 

Wear your superhero gear all week long!
Kid's Creek Will Be Closed for Labor Day

Reminder: the clinic will be closed on Monday, September 2, for Labor Day. If your child is typically seen on Mondays and you wish to schedule another day and time, please call the office at  770-888-5221.  
Get to Know You: Sarah Gonzales

In Get to Know You, we ask our staff a few questions to give our families a peek into who they are as people, not simply providers. This month's Get to Know You features
Speech Therapist Sarah Gonzales.

Who is your hero? My mom. She has always worked hard to help her kids be their very best. She home-schooled me from Kindergarten through High School. She constantly challenges and encourages me to learn all that I can. She is very creative, and a talented artist. So, maybe I am biased, but I do think I have the best mom.

What is your favorite thing about your career? I get so excited when a parent tells me their child has begun using a new word, sound, or strategy that helps them be a better communicator. It always makes my day!


What is your proudest accomplishment? Being a mom and wife. I love spending time with my husband and son.


What three items would you take with you on a deserted island? Besides my family....books, sunglasses, and ice


If you had to describe yourself as an animal, which one would it be? A tiger. Most of the time, I'm pretty calm, but if a button is pushed just right, I come out ready to fight. 

Now Booking Fall Speech Intensive Sessions

Kid's Creek Therapy is happy to offer  Speech Connections, intensive speech therapy programs for children with childhood apraxia of speech or for those with cleft palate. Speech Connections programs are available for both current and new patients, and are a good option for families who live too far away from our office to schedule regular appointments. Learn more about each of these programs by  visiting our Intensive Program page for downloadable brochures as well as information for  Traveling Families

Call us at 770-888-5221 or inquire at the front desk for more information
and available dates for our Speech Connections programs.
Check Out Our Shop!

Our therapists often recommend products to our families to support your children's goals outside of the therapy environment. Kid's Creek has teamed up with Amazon to offer many of these products directly through our website. Visit to view the available occupational, physical, and speech therapy products.

Have questions? Talk to your child's therapist about specific recommendations for your child.
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