2018 Annual Report
Another year of great growth! God has led KidZ at Heart staff and board members through a number of milestones as we help children fall deeply in love with Jesus.

In 2018, 874 individuals gave generously to help reach the 2.3 billion children in the world. Some support a friend/family member who is going on a short-term trip. Some give monthly in various amounts (from $5 a month to nearly $1,000 a month). This is reflective of a 27% growth over the past two years. Read more.
by Gordon and Becki West
This was a year of continuing to listen for and cooperate with God’s priorities for KidZ at Heart. To the best of our ability, our staff and board gathers regularly for a variety of spiritual practices, where we attempt to create space to be with and listen to God as a ministry team.

You might think of it as creating a Tabernacle experience where we can spend time with God personally. Read more .
"Thank you for coming. As a pastor I should know about all of the areas in my church. I realize now just how little I know about children's classes. Now I can better help my teachers."

"These courses helped me a lot because I’ve never been burdened for children but now I have the desire to teach them for they are an essential part of the church." Read more.
by Janet Anthony
VP of North American Ministries

A new year seems to always begin with a list of priorities, then strategies to reach those priorities, followed by tactics needed to meet the strategies. Though every year our department begins with a detailed plan, our highlight in the North American Ministries department during 2018 has surprisingly been in the area of God-prompted relationships. 
by Valorie Eddy
VP of Content Development

What a year this has been! It seemed like everything we worked to develop needed a huge learning curve.

Our work with Hope International University (HIU) has taught us a lot about what it means to take our in-person training material and create an on-line course. The goal is to offer it for the first time during the summer 2019 session.
by Janna Firestone
VP of Engagement

KidZ at Heart is a global Christian community.

As community members engage with the ministry, I want them to personally experience spiritual formation and feel compelled to passionately and clearly share KidZ at Heart with others.

With five new staff members and a fresh approach to communications, I'm already seeing this dream become a reality!
Where is KidZ at Heart Headed in 2019?
Belarus, Costa Rica,* Estonia,* Haiti, Honduras, Malawi, Mexico, Moldova, Myanmar,* Nepal, Romania, Tanzania, Thailand, Ukraine, Uganda, Zambia.

You can go! Read more.