July 2020
“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.”
— From A Wrinkle in Time
When Summer Feels Like Every Other Day
I was looking through picture albums over the past few weeks. Joshua and Jess are expecting and I'm going to be a Nana (or Mimi? feel free to vote ) in a little over a month! Anyway, we were planning a slide show for a virtual shower and I needed to send pictures of Joshua. I got caught up in the memories and a simple project took me hours! ... Read more
Homemade Sidewalk Chalk
Did you know that you can make sidewalk chalk paint from three simple ingredients? Homemade sidewalk chalk paint is made from a mixture of cornstarch, water, and food coloring. When visiting the baking aisle to get your food coloring, be sure to pick up the brightest and most vivid colors you can find to really make the colors pop on your sidewalk.

See MomAdvice Blog for instructions!
Who is my Neighbor?
In Luke 10:25, a legal expert asks Jesus about the path to eternal life. Jesus tells him to follow the two greatest commandments—love God and love your neighbors. Yet the man presses for more detail, following up by asking “And who is my neighbor?” (verse 29). Then Jesus tells the parable of the Good Samaritan, teaching... read more
What can I do?
Resources for Racial Reconciliation

We are grieved. As a ministry and as parents, we grieve the painful consequences of prolonged racial division and inequality in our country. We recognize that all parents are created uniquely by God, and it hurts us to see that our fellow parents are being made to feel less because of their skin color. God will not stand for racism, and neither should we.

Parents, please know that now more than ever, your children are watching how you, how we as a church respond. May they see us seeking reconciliation in our homes and neighborhoods, listening to other moms and dads who have lived different experiences than us, and most importantly let them see us on our knees asking God to open our hearts and to bring the healing and equality that this world desperately needs.

The hard work of healing starts today, first in our homes.

I recognize that I am by no means an expert on this subject of racial reconciliation, and so I’d like to recommend the following resources to families looking to dive further into this work and learn from trusted voices. I am praying that God will not only continue to refine and educate all of us as parents, but that he will help us to raise up children who love and respect their brothers and sisters from all backgrounds and races.

Movie for All Ages
Zootopia , an animated film about a world filled with animals that does an excellent job surfacing underlying racism.

The Torchlight Digital Theater
RevelationMedia is proud to announce The Torchlighters Digital Theater ! This FREE online theater is packed with hours of videos and resources to strengthen the faith of children in need of true Biblical heroes.

Watch 16 episodes of The Torchlighters: Heroes of the Faith for free, and download 8 pages of devotionals, coloring pages, and activities for each story! 

Thank you for being part of the RevelationMedia family! We are excited to share this with you first. We pray this blesses your family as you finish out summer and prepare for the school year ahead, whatever that looks like.
"I'm bored..."
Are you hearing this from your kids yet? Here is a list of inside and outside activities to keep your kids busy all summer long!

West Side VBS - Monday's in August!
BLAST into August with an EXPLOSIVE family experience like you’ve never had before. West Side is providing families an at-home, parent-led VBS program. Explore the world of science – from building towers to designing boats — while engaging with the Word of God.

This year, the fun isn’t just for the kids! With Faith Lab @ Home, families will spend time together memorizing scripture, watching science-themed devotions, and completing a weekly science project.

Join us as we explore science and God’s Word in our homes. This five-day, VBS-style, at-home program mixes Biblical truths with hands-on science for a long-lasting reaction. We will be holding VBS each Monday in August. Simple set up, easy to execute, fun for all ages! See the teaser video below!

NOTE: This VBS works well in small communities! If you are comfortable, invite your neighbors and do the science projects together in your ba