August 2020
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Nacho's Nachos:
The Story Behind the
World's Favorite Snack
by Sandra Nickel, Oliver Dominguez (illustrator)
Lee & Low Books
August 2020
Picture Book /Ages 5-10
Biography, Cooking & Food
Nacho's Nachos is the delicious true story about how nachos were invented—about what happened when a regular customer asked Ignacio “Nacho” Anaya for something new, and there were no chefs in the kitchen.

2020 is the 80th anniversary of the invention when Nacho's quick thinking resulted in a snack now eaten everywhere from Texas to Paris to Hong Kong!
Dear Reader,

A lot of people have no idea a man named Nacho invented the world’s favorite snack. Folks often ask how I found out.

Well, I was making a batch of nachos at home, when I thought, Hmm, I wonder who invented these? The internet revealed that Ignacio Anaya—nicknamed Nacho—was the inventor. Beyond that, there wasn’t much agreement.

So I traveled to the border town of Piedras Negras in Mexico, where nachos were invented. Everyone I met was incredibly generous, going out of their way to help tell the story. They found photographs, demonstrated how the original version was made, and then descendants of Nacho and others answered my many questions through emails. I also discovered two newspaper articles on microfilm, for which Nacho himself was interviewed. Oliver Dominguez then created gorgeous illustrations for a 1940s vibe, and it all became Nacho’s Nachos: The Story Behind the World's Favorite Snack.

Buen Provecho!

The best recipe pairing for this book is, without a doubt, sparkling limeade and nachos!

For the nachos, why not try the simple and scrumptious original recipe in the book? For the limeade, I squeeze a single lime into sparkling water and add maple syrup to taste. I hope you love this combination as much as I do!


"Nickel’s thorough research, including communications with the descendants of the principals, brings to life the man behind the world’s favorite cheesy bites. . . . Nickel’s homage to this congenial, hardworking man and his renowned snack is a celebration of ingenuity and kismet."
-Kirkus Reviews (*starred review)

"This tale of the humble origins of nachos, bolstered by vivid and period-specific illustrations, will whisk young readers away to a different time and place."