Volume 2 | October 2018
New Titles for Young & Middle Grade Readers
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In this month's edition:

  • A warthog wants to be king of the jungle and lies his way to the throne in The Lying King by Alex Beard

  • Anna Kang and illustrator Christopher Weyant's charming picture book Eraser, about creating second chances and discovering your true talent

  • The return of the heartbreakingly irresistible Louisiana Elefante, introduced to readers in Raymie Nightingale, in Kate DiCamillo's Louisiana's Way Home

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Judy Gelman and Vicki Levy Krupp
The Lying King
Alex Beard
Greenleaf Book Group
September 2018
Early Reader / Ages 5+
A new installment in the Tales from the Watering Hole series is a timeless story that is most timely in our current climate: THE LYING KING, about a warthog who wants to be king of the jungle and lies his way to the throne. With a nod to Aesop and Kipling, this funny and pointed parable has lessons for everyone about the importance of being honest, fair, and authentic.
“This witty, contemporary fable brilliantly champions truth in an era of fake news, alternative facts, and rampant lies.”
Kirkus Reviews, starred review
Dear Reader,

When I was a child, I was taught that one of the worst things you could do was to lie. My grandfather told me repeatedly that the most important asset I had was my reputation, which was best tended and maintained by telling the truth. It was important to be thought of as trustworthy. The motto of my elementary school was “Honor et Veritas” (Honor and Truth), qualities that were drilled into me as the foundations for good sportsmanship and articulated as “it’s not whether you win or lose, but how you play the game.”

But how do you approach the subject of lying at a time when the truth is under siege?

THE LYING KING is my answer to that question.

I hope it rings true.

Alex Beard

Themes: Honesty

Author Food Pairings: "What could be more appropriate for a book about a lying warthog than a treat like pigs in a blanket? After all, while a lying pig shouldn’t be the king, everything IS better with bacon. Have fun with the double entendres and Bon appetit!” —Alex Beard
Anna Kang and Christoper Weyant
Two Lions
September 2018
Picture Book / Ages 4-8
A brand new story from an award-winning team about creating second chances and discovering your true talent. Eraser wants to create so that she can shine like the others. She decides to give it a try, but it’s not until the rubber meets the road that Eraser begins to understand a whole lot about herself.

“Finally, the mighty Eraser gets her own book and distinctive voice in this desktop drama . . . Puns abound in the clever writing. The lively and expressive cartoon characters’ features and figures are done in ink, watercolor, and brush pens, which animate their pedestrian functions into art. Fun for kids who spend important learning time with these objects.”
Dear Reader,

With Eraser, we wanted to speak to slightly older readers than we had with our previous books, children who may have experienced exclusion and teasing, or who may feel they aren't as "worthy" as some of their peers because their skills or talents are not as obvious. At one point in elementary school, children begin to separate out into "cliques" based on abilities and interests, which is natural, but it can also isolate or exclude kids who don't exactly fit into a certain mold.

Anna Kang and Christopher Weyant

Themes : Creativity, Idea Building, Second Chances, Discovery
Author Food Pairings :

K orean lunch box from Anna:
"When I was a child, my mother used to pack me Korean food in my school lunch box, and, as you might expect, the other kids would think my lunch was really "weird." I was a sensitive kid, and that was the end of anything "weird" for lunch. From that day on, I specifically requested the hot school lunch or a ham sandwich, neither of which I even like. Since ERASER is set at school, and specifically in the world of peer pressure and social dynamics, I thought the traditional Korean lunch box would be a great recipe to share. We all should aspire to be true to ourselves."
Dessert from Chris:
"My favorite part of lunch as a kid were those little chocolate and vanilla ice cream cups with the flat, wooden spoons. As much as I liked the ice cream, the real fun was with the spoon. My friends and I would draw a face and body on it to create a little character and then play with them at the end of lunch. It felt like Eraser's world where spontaneity and creativity ruled the day and, in the end, were the best desserts".
Louisiana's Way Home
Kate DiCamillo
Candlewick Press
October 2018
Chapter Book / Ages 10 and up
Called “one of DiCamillo’s most singular and arresting creations” by The New York Times Book Review, the heartbreakingly irresistible Louisiana Elefante was introduced to readers in Raymie Nightingale — and now, with humor and tenderness, Kate DiCamillo returns to tell her story.

"Populated with unforgettable characters, including kindhearted adults who recognize Louisiana’s dire situation and offer options, this bittersweet novel shows a deep understanding of children’s emotions and celebrates their resiliency. Readers will feel as much empathy for Louisiana as they did for her friend Raymie."
Publishers Weekly
Dear Reader,

People often ask me what it was about Louisiana that called me back into her world.

Louisiana is one of those characters whose voice I hear. Sentences in her voice would pop up here and there in my journal, and I thought: There is so much about Louisiana that is mysterious. What if I follow that voice? What will I find out?

Kate DiCamillo

Author Food Pairings

"Bologna sandwiches - Louisiana's favorite; peanuts; OHenry bars from the hotel vending machine."