Hey, Marilyn! The new Country Register has arrived!
New Arrivals: Now in store!
What is "mud cloth" . . . ?
Modeled on a handmade fabric from Mali which is traditionally dyed with fermented mud.

Mud cloth has, more recently, become a symbol of Malian cultural identity. The cloth is being exported worldwide for use in fashion, fine art and decoration.

This collection is on a canvas substrate and usable for garment or project sewing.

More Cherrywood hand-dyed fabric has arrived.
Photos can't do it justice to the colors.
Come see . . .
What Cherrywood is to color
These new "Pen & Ink" fabrics are to low-volume.

These black and white, low-volume all-stars will bring monochromatic texture to your next project.

"Alien" fabric . . .
Nothing illegal about it, these fabrics feature flying saucers, saucy aliens and all the planets in our galaxy and maybe yours, too.

Multiple colorways, because, just as with dinosaurs, we don't really know what color aliens are.

Whether you're sewing for someone whose favorite is Uncle Martin, Mork or the Great Gazoo, you'll want to land at Planet Hip Stitch to see the whole collection.

Trixie & Thomas
This new collection by Heather Ross features Trixie and Thomas, two playful mice that frolic together.

Included is a craft panel to make each of these characters and a mouse tent. Have fun! 

Catherine has made up a sample -- so cute!

Come see it!

Oh, the places you'll go!
Dr. Seuss' classic for kids has taken on a second life for new graduates. Here's a softbook version.

It's doubtful that his anti-Nazi work will ever get this treatment. But it's noteworthy in it's own right.

100 Acts of Sewing
Yes, you can sew clothing.

By the packaging, you'll see right away that you shouldn't be intimidated.

The patterns from "100 Acts of Sewing" are more than designs for clothing, they are accompanied by on-line tutorials and are quite beautiful in their simplicity of line.

Two shirts, two dresses, one skirt, one pants pattern all in stock right now.

Arriving soon:
Pre-order now!
Giucy Giuce arriving soon!
Giuseppe Ribaudo , who goes by the nom de loom "Juicy Juice" but retains the Italian spelling of his name has a new collection, "Redux" which is pronounced like when your first ducks didn't work right -- "re-ducks".

(No, I don't know why it all has to be so tricky and non-phonetic.)

With riveting geometric themes and a bright color palette that will work nicely with your Alison Glass stash, we want to see what you'll make with this gorgeous collection.

Pre-orders now being taken.

Cloud 9 Field & Sky
Cotton Sateen
Tula Pink, "PInkerville"
Pre-cuts, to include fat quarters and 5 inch squares
by Free Spirit
Paper Art Safari
Robin Pickens
"Sweet Pea & Lily"
What is "Boro" cloth?
Besides being in the queue for arrival shortly, it's a class of  Japanese  textiles that have been mended or patched together.The term is derived from Japanese  boroboro , meaning something tattered or repaired.

These woven fabrics emulate the embroidered and patched fabrics and they retain the character of the original.

Quilter's Edition

Now, in-stock Eversewn machines which might suit you for retreats and classes.

If you're looking for a portable machine with modern conveniences, come see the Quilter's Edition. With a throat that can handle a full 8 inches and a knee lift, automatic thread cutter and a multitude of stitches.

Back in stock is the Sparrow 25, a robust little workhorse that is ideal as a back-up or travel machine for the more advanced sewist.
Quilt Sampler Magazine
Priced below the newsstand rate, we're taking orders for pre-sales.

Why? Because . . . Hip Stitch is in it!

We're pricing this at $4.99.

Remember, the big box stores don't take coupons for magazines!

We'll be having a party when the magazine arrives, and we're going to put a coupon in each copy. Not quite free, but you won't actually be paying for it, either.

Make Yourself at Home
Kimberbelles! The fabric has arrived, the kits are being made & sold....have you ordered yours?

Lots of cute themes to surround the "Make Yourself at Home" project -- check the prints depicting 1950s style furniture and housewares, and all the prints that go with them.
See March classes HERE

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