News from TLC's Pediatric Outpatient Services
Hello, summer! Everyone at TLC is excited to welcome longer days of sunshine and play into our days. This spring/summer, we have lots of fun events hapenning. May is Better Hearing and Speech Month, in which we offer free hearing and speech-language screens. Screens are by appointment only, scroll down to see red flags that would indicate a screening would be helpful. Like previous summers, TLC is offering our popular speech-language and occupational therapy camps to keep young ones engaged and on the path of progress over the summer. New this summer is our "Riding Together Camp" with Great and Small, in which campers engage with horses and work on social communication skills. Also new is our online tutoring service, TLC Online Plus Tutoring - scroll down to see details about this exciting service we are offering. Definitely fun times to be had!

We hope to see you around this summer!

Director of TLC's Clinical Programs
Why a Therapeutic Summer Camp?

Brigid Baker, OTR/L
Director of Clinical Programs

Christina F. Morrissey, M.S., CCC-SLP
Director of Outpatient Speech-Language Pathology

Summer is a time for vacations, relaxing at the beach, and fun in the sun. But it can also be a great opportunity for your child to maintain and strengthen his or her skills. TLC’s Therapeutic Summer Camps provide a place for your child to have fun while also growing fine motor, gross motor, play, communication, and pre-academic skills. Our therapeutic summer camps take fun seriously. Each of our summer camps provide weekly progress updates, individualized goals and objectives, and the personalized attention that each child needs so he or she can make the most of summer.

Our Friends Together Camp offers five to seven year olds a half day or full day program that incorporates obstacle courses, arts/crafts, yoga, water play, games, books, and playground fun into a comprehensive therapeutic program with an occupational therapist and speech-language pathologist. Children learn to improve their regulation skills in a group setting, improve play and peer relationship skills, and build fine and gross motor skills with peers through a day of play. 

Our Little Friends Language and Learning Camp offers three to five year olds a half day, afternoon program with a special educator and speech-language pathologist. Our staff will provide opportunities for your child to learn classroom readiness skills, hone pre-academic skills, as well as to improve language and play skills. Hands on activities such as crafts, water play, music, group activities actively engage children while they learn in a small group setting.

We know children learn best through play. We keep things exciting in both of our camps with special visitors such as firetrucks, farm animals, and musicians as well as a weekly water day. From trampolines to climbing walls, and sandboxes to circle time, our happy campers love to learn because TLC is where summer fun begins!
Upcoming Free Screenings at TLC!

April was Occupational Therapy (OT) Month at TLC, in which we offered free OT screenings. May is Better Hearing and Speech Month! Call now to reserve your free screening!
TLC’s Online Tutoring PLUS 

Melissa N. Smith, Ph.D.
Director of Testing, Tutoring, and Counseling

We are happy to announce a new program for TLC, our new Online Tutoring PLUS.
We heard from families that sometimes it’s hard to get to TLC for tutoring, so now we provide a convenient option via our Online Tutoring PLUS. We provide local, skilled tutors with specific expertise that is matched to the student’s needs. We hire tutors with a broad range of educational credentials including state certification, special education expertise, and years of experience.

Our tutors work as a team with the student’s family and other key individuals, as appropriate. Tutors provide individualized, differentiated lessons following our Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Timely (SMART) goals established in collaboration with families.

Our tutors use research-based practices and our tutoring team is lead by an experienced supervisor. Tutors provide follow up, written feedback, and make sure our families are engaged throughout the entire process, to achieve the best outcome for the student.

We are flexible! We can meet online and in person depending on your child’s needs. We create a unique plan for for optimal learning. We stand out from others with out flexibility and expertise in learning differences. 

You’ll need to provide a computer with internet access, a camera and a microphone (headphones are recommended) and a quiet, distraction-free environment for the lesson.

Interested? Please give us a call at 301-424-5200 x 306.
TLC Welcomes New Staff Member: Robyn Davy, MA,
BC-DMT, LCPC-S, Board Certified Dance Movement Therapist

We are excited to welcome Robyn! Her past educational experience is unique in that she received a Master’s degree in both Dance Movement Therapy and in Counseling; therefore, she has developed both verbal counseling skills and Dance Movement Therapy skills, with a specialization in the field of Psychotherapy. She believes that movement can provide a great outlet for individuals to express their needs. Dance Movement Therapy (DMT) is a modality which she believes provides true corrective emotional experiences. Such therapy also provides the context of the human connection, demonstrating how relationships can be healing. Her experience has shed particular competency in working with children and adults with severe emotional disorders, anxiety/mood disorders, trauma, crisis prevention, attachment, and parent-child relational issues. Robyn takes a whole centered approach to working with children of all ages, within their family systems.  

Robyn is available to present workshops at your school, office, organization, etc. on various topics, including but not limited to:

For Clinicians:
  • How Kinesthetic Attunement is a window for Kinesthetic Empathy in relationships
  • Space, Weight, Time and Flow- a glimpse into a child’s inner defenses and needs
  • Polyvagal theory and Social Engagement in Dance Movement Therapy (Sue Carter & Stephen Porges research)
  • Using movement as a metaphor in treatment
  • Body Attitude: the manner in which one moves their body, reflects feeling and thinking states
  • Fostering harmony, identifying clashes: Bridging relationship through movement
  • KMP (Kestenberg Movement Profile): What are Tension-Flow Rhythms and what do they tell us?
  • How Dance Movement Therapy can help children navigate their complex and emotional states
  • Strategies for guiding a session 

For Teachers/support staff:
  • Rena Kornblum’s Violence Prevention on the Playground: Prosocial movement to address bullying and aggression in children. (The Four B’s. Brakes, Breath, Brain, Body)
  • Moving the body moves the mind

For Parents
  • The Meaning of Movement: Understanding your child’s nonverbal cues
  • Positive Parenting- Amy McReady’s 5 R’s: (Respect, Related to behavior, Reasonable in Duration, Reveal consequence, Repeat back )
  • Circle of Security Parenting: An introduction to a relationship based parenting program (Cooper, Hoffman & Powell) (This can be for any population, clinicians, teachers & parents)
  • Fostering harmony with your child: Bridging relationship through movement 
More TLC Summer FUN!