Easter Family Devotional
This year, we are selling an Easter family devotional book, The Garden, the Curtain and the Cross Easter Calendar by Carl Laferton. This interactive calendar for Easter features 15-doors to open for the week's leading up to Easter Sunday. Also included is a 32-page book of family devotions. Each 10-minute family Bible time is based on the Bible storybook and can be started the Sunday before Palm Sunday. In each study, readers will find a short opening prayer, a starter question or task, a question to think about or action to do as you read and listen to the Bible passage, "Let's Think" question, brief section to read out, application questions, a prayer, and an optional "Let's Think a Bit More" which is perfect to engage older children.
Books will be sold for $5 and can be picked up in the Commons on March 14th and 21st. Reserve yours while supplies last! March 13th is the last day to register.
Book Drive for Smith Elementary
Feb. 7 - March 28
HNW Kids Ministry is on mission to help stock the library shelves at Smith Elementary. Here are two ways you can help:

1. Drop off books at HNW next to the Kids Ministry check-in area. Books must be brand new, hardcover, copyright date no earlier than 2015, non-fiction or graphic novels.

2. Order a book from our Amazon wish list.

We will be accepting donations through March 28th.

Contact Tiffany Moore at if you are interested in helping to deliver or shelve books at Smith Elementary on the morning of April 7th.
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God Time
God Time is a daily devotional based off of Sunday's bible lesson that your child can use throughout the week .