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In search of Aliens

Most people don't believe Aliens exist. That's because they have never been diving in the Philippines!

Out-of-this-world diving experience!

Underwater, you will think you have been transported to a foreign planet. In the Philippines, you will dive with Pygmy seahorses, tiny and giant Frogfish, and so many nudibranchs that you will lose count. Oh, and if the tiny creatures don't excite you, how about diving with the largest alien of all? The Whale Sharks of Oslob. 6 or 7 at a time. Depth 35', Viz 60', Water temp 84. How is that for perfection?

See what the week with KSC looks like in the Philippines

2024 Summer Philippine. There are 2 trips to choose from:

  • June 15th to 20th (5 nights) Trip 1-Part 1, Bohol, Amun Ini. 

  • June 20th to 25th (5 nights) Trip 1- Part 2, Dauin: Pura Vida Homes with Sea Explorers:  Includes Oslob whale sharks & Apo Island,


  • June 25th to July 2nd (7 nights) Trip 2- Part 1, Dauin: Pura Vida Homes with Sea Explorers:   Includes Oslob whale sharks & Apo Island,


  • July 2nd to July 7th (5 nights) Trip 2 – Part 2, Bohol, Amun Ini.  

Labor Day Savings: $1000 discount

Our trips feature 2 privately chartered resorts, Pura Vida Home in Dauin and Amun ini in Bohol. We dive Oslob once on each trip from Dauin. We dive Apo Island twice per trip from Dauin. Pura Vida Homes features luxury 1,2 and 3-bedroom villas. Amunini offers luxury 1 bedroom villas, side by side.

For more information:

  • Private dive crew, personal tour and dive guides, private transfers, private boats, private meals
  • Special Beach BBQ and local dance night in Vida Homes for the entire group
  • Mountain school excursion guided tour
  • Transportation between islands,
  • 3 boat dives daily, kids programs such as SASY, PADI Seal Team, and PADI JOW,
  • Free Rental equipment for all kids
  • 3 meals daily
  • Daily basketball and volleyball
  • Cultural presentations
  • Photography and slide shows, along with marine life presentations by professional photographer Jesse Alpert.
  • Tote bags, T-shirts-KSC beanies
  • Private dive guides through your trip
  • Kids Sea Camp certification PADI distinctive, Whale Shark specialty.
  • Night dives
  • 2 Apo Island excursions
  • 1 trip to Oslob diving or snorkeling with the Whalesharks

See the Aliens of the Philippines

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