Monthly Newsletter | January 2020
Your #HealthyMinds Update
Happy New Year! As we look forward, we recognize that many of us are starting from different places. For some, the new year presents exciting changes and fresh beginnings; for others, it brings a continuation of routines and challenges from last year.

No matter where you're starting or going, we encourage you to stay present and continue to talk with the young people in your lives. Whether they're processing alarming news stories or grappling with stress, try to support and encourage them as they move forward. 

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Kids Under Surveillance!

Schools and parents are increasingly monitoring kids’ digital activity in order to keep them safe, but do the benefits outweigh the risks? On our latest podcast episode, Dr. Gene Beresin and Dr. Steven Schlozman discuss the challenges parents and schools face, and why it’s important to balance the need for oversight with maintaining trust between adults and kids. Tune in for more .
Talking About Anxiety
It's normal to experience anxiety every now and then. But when it interferes with a child's daily functioning, it may point to a mental health issue. In our latest Parent Strategy Announcement (PSA), Dr. Gene Beresin and Dr. Steven Schlozman talk about the signs to look out for if you're concerned your child might have an anxiety disorder. Watch for more .
Blog Year In Review – Our Top 10 Posts 
Looking ahead to 2020, we thought it would be worth revisiting our most popular blog posts from 2019. Learning what's been most helpful to parents and families guides us as we move forward in the new year. Here are our top 10 most read articles from 2019. Take a look !
The Clay Center in the News
Kids are listening and imitating, even when the adults in their lives don’t always realize it. But what should you do if your kids have picked up unwanted language? Dr. Beresin explains how to help your kids find appropriate ways express their feelings. 
News coverage can sometimes be scary for kids, but talking about it with them doesn’t have to be. Here’s how you can help your kids process what they’re seeing while managing your own response to the news.
Monthly Mindfulness:
4 Meditations To Help You Stay Calm When Your Child Has A Meltdown
from Huffpost

Meditation might seem like an impractical response when your child is having a meltdown, but it can take less than 20 seconds when a situation arises. Read more to learn four meditation exercises that can help reduce your stress in the moment.
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