Kids and Chiropractic Care

September 2018
                                 Transitioning back to School tips- 
                             Backpack Ergonomics

Kids and Chiropractic Care:

A child encounters many physical stresses during their growing years. The resulting problems in children's spines can occur at almost any point in their development and growth.

The chiropractic adjustment is safe for patients of all ages, including newborns.  Chiropractic is based on the important relationship between the spine and the nervous system. The nervous system, which consists of your brain, spinal cord and nerves, controls everything in the body, including growth and development.  One of the most basic ideas in chiropractic is that dysfunction in the spine and its joints can lead to dysfunction within the nervous system-and since the nervous system controls and coordinates all of the systems of the body, spinal dysfunction can have wide ranging effects on the body's health. 

Subluxations, also known as misalignments, in the spine can prevent proper communication from the brain to the body. These subluxations cause stress to the nervous system, which can lead to a decrease in function of the affected area.   Infants, children and adults can all experience subluxations in the spine. Infants and children can become subluxated from birth trauma, other minor or major traumas and developmental stress. If you are reading this, you could win a free 30 minute massage! Please send an e-mail with the subject line "I want to win!" by Sept. 7th to: [email protected] to be entered into our drawing!! During the first five years of life, the body produces more neural pathways than at any other time. It is vital this production is optimized through children's chiropractic care, as the first few years are crucial to each child's potential.

The health and happiness of your child is the most important thing.  Chiropractic care has been proven to be safe and effective at improving the well-being and happiness of children.  Just start talking to other mothers and families that have seen the benefits of chiropractic care.  The positive results are endless.  Chiropractic care along with proper lifestyle choices are the foundation for proper growth, development, health and happiness.

Top 5 Reasons To Take Your Child To A Chiropractor:
  1. To promote proper growth and development and to limit health challenges such as issues with nursing and reflux.  
  2. To allow a child's nervous system and spine to grow optimally and without interference. To reduce ear infections, bed wetting, asthma and allergies.  
  3. To improve a child's immune system and digestive health and to limit colic and constipation.
  4. To encourage nerve and brain development (neural plasticity). To promote proper perception and awareness preventing labels such as ADHD, Sensory Integration Disorder and other neurodevelopmental disorders.
  5. To be proactive about your child's overall health and well-being which will limit and support them through colds and infections and allow them to meet their optimal potential.

Transitioning Back To School Tips:
by Dr. Brent Scheideman

1. Get Sleep Patterns Back Before Start Of School 
    -You know how long your child needs to sleep by watching his          summer routine, now shift it so he/she wakes rested before school. 
2. Balance Nutrition
    -1/4 plate of protein, 1/4 plate of grains, 1/2 plate of fruits and      
3. Resume Reading 
    -Start awakening neuron receptors in the brain that may have lain dormant this summer. 
4. Exercise
    - It takes endurance to get through a school day, build physical   
    endurance to transition well.

Backpack Ergonomics:

You MAY hate us for saying so, but it's getting to be that time of the year again; Crisp morning air, fall sports and kids heading back to school!!  Did you know thousands of kids are treated in the emergency room each year due to backpack injuries?  55% of students carry an overloaded backpack.  Here are some guidelines to help you find an appropriate b ackpack for your kids, and the correct way to use it:
  • Lightweight Backpack with a Padded Back 
  • Wide Padded Straps
  • Separate Compartments
  • Waist Strap
  • Correct Size
The American Physical Therapy Association, American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, and the American Chiropractic Association recommend these weight limits:
  • 60 lb child can carry a maximum backpack weight of 5 lbs.
  • 60-75 lb child can carry 10 lbs
  • 100 lb child can carry 15 lbs
  • 125 lb child can carry 18 lbs
  • 150 lb child can carry 20 lbs
  • 200 lb child can carry 25 lbs 
A good rule of thumb is to pack heavier items on the bottom to transfer weight to the hips. It is important to use BOTH shoulder straps. Other options would include using a rolling backpack.  Do NOT use a shoulder bag, as it has all the weight with only half the support. 

This Months Recipe:

Easy Zucchini Parmesan:


1 cup sliced zucchini 
1 tablespoon shredded Parmesan cheese
10 squirts butter spray

Line a cookie sheet with aluminum foil, then coat with some cooking spray. Place the zucchini slices out on the pan, then spritz them with the butter spray. Sprinkle on the Parmesan cheese and then pop it in the oven. Broil for a few minutes - until the cheese starts to brown. Enjoy it while it's warm!

Make a larger batch for a delicious and healthy side dish for any meal! Your family will love it!

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 Oil of the Month

Oil Uses:

  • Diffuse Valor in the morning to jump-start a busy day with its uplifting, affirming scent.
  • Combine with V-6™ Vegetable Oil Complex to unwind before bed with a relaxing foot or back massage.
  • Refresh throughout the day by directly inhaling or massaging onto your neck, chest, or hands and wrists.
  • Wear as a subtle cologne or use as a base for personalized scents.
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How to Use Topical: 

Apply 2-4 drops directly to desired area. Dilution not required, except for the most sensitive skin. Use as needed.

Aromatic: Diffuse up to 1 hour 3 times daily.

Caution:  Keep out of reach of children. For external use only. Keep away from eyes and mucous membranes. If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult a health professional prior to use.
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