The internet offers wonderful opportunities for kids to learn, socialize, and create — but it can also be a scary place, with the potential to affect a child’s physical and mental health. Inappropriate content, hurtful comment sections, and outright predatory danger seems to lurk around every corner and it’s enough to make parents feel like keeping their kids off the internet entirely. Yet, technology is a vital part of the way our world connects and works. Ultimately, today's children are going to need to be online. Your job as a parent or caregiver is to help young people make good choices when they access the web, and to help them stay safe by teaching them to protect themselves.

If you need help talking with your kids about online safety, want to know about parental controls, or are looking for a simple set of rules to use with your children, the Family Online Safety Institute’s Good Digital Parenting provides videos, tip sheets, resources, blogs, and more. We've also included some helpful information below.