Quarantine Tips for Kids of All Ages
(from a 7-year-old honorary member of our Safety Committee)
1) "Don’t go outside without permission because you might see others on the sidewalk, and they might have the virus. If you get permission, then you need to be 10 to 13 feet away from others."

2) "To stay calm, use a soft, fuzzy blanket to cover yourself with... and have a flashlight, too."

3) "Building a fort at home could help kids calm down." Disclaimer: the author is not sure this measure would help other children deal with anxiety or anger, so he stated he 'didn't fully put 100% behind this one.'

4) "Using pillows and sofa cushions to punch when angry can help. Kids can measure their anger with their Engine Thermometers. A high engine rating calls for 3 minutes of punching pillows, a mid engine rating: 2 minutes, a low engine: 1 minute."
Yo! Check out my ride!
Grandma: Did you go to school today?
Kiddo : Ummmm, yes I did!
Grandma: What did you do at school today?
Kiddo: We had a PARADE.... a CAR parade!
Grandma: ? ? ?
Kiddo: See, here's Teacher L directing traffic, and here's Teacher A waiting for us! It was soooooo great to see my friends!
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