Kids and adults decorated hundreds of cookies. It is fascinating to watch kids so focused on their decorating. Even at a very early age they show their creativity.
About 40 pumpkins were decorated by kids and adults. Judges gave prizes in three categories.
Paul Bednar is the Chairman of our Historic District Committee where the ideas for our events originate. A huge thanks goes out to Paul and his committee for bringing this wonderful event to our neighborhood. Other members of the committee are Amanda Carlson, Pat Miller, Sue Kuester and Donna Leetz.

Volunteers that manned the tables were Barbara Evans, Joanne and Caryl Clement, Pat Miller and Sue and Marta Kuester.

Kids had a ball and lots of community was built when the adults got a chance to chat to get to know each other better.

It looks like Chairman Paul Bednar is sad because someone took a big bite out of the cookie that he so carefully decorated.

A huge thanks goes out to our sponsors O’Connor Leetz Funeral Home and the Symonds Madison Funeral home for their generous support of this year's Fall Fest.