July 11, 2018

Janette Fennell, President & Founder, 415-336-9279, [email protected]
Amber Rollins, Director, 913-732-2792, [email protected]
Sue Auriemma, 516-721-2664, [email protected] Announces CellSlip, a NEW Safety Tool for Parents to Prevent Hot Car Tragedies and Reduce Distracted Driving
New tool announced during July, the deadliest month of the year for hot car deaths
(Philadelphia, PA) - is offering CellSlip, a new safety tool to help reduce distractions while driving and prevent child hot car deaths.
CellSlip, available on the website , is a canvas pouch with a special lining that blocks all cell signal and notifications on your phone. It helps eliminate the temptation to pick up your phone while driving. Within seconds of removing the phone from the CellSlip, the user will receive all missed text messages, app notifications, and voicemail.

The CellSlip is a wonderful addition to’s successful “Look Before You Lock” safety education program that provides parents with simple steps to ensure their child is never left inside a hot car. The CellSlip helps to emphasize the safety tip to put your cell phone or something that you need to begin your day in the back seat. This serves as a reason to open the back door and “look before you lock” the vehicle and walk away.

Already this year 23 children have died in hot cars in the US, putting us on a deadly pace for one of the worst years ever. An average of 37 children die in hot cars every year; that’s one every 9 days.
Instructional video:
Using CellSlip
to Prevent Hot Car Tragedies
Instructions for parents and caregivers: 

  1. Put cell phone inside CellSlip before driving.
  2. Place CellSlip in the back seat pocket in front of your child’s car seat.
  3. “Look Before You Lock” upon arriving at your destination by opening the back car door and to make sure every child has been safely removed from the back seat.
  4. Remove your cell phone from the CellSlip in the back seat pocket and receive all notifications you missed while driving.
“We rely on our smart phones for everything these days – calendar, email, calls, news, etc. But they also create a distraction that can be dangerous or even deadly while driving” said Janette Fennell, president and founder. “Placing your cell phone in the back seat in a CellSlip helps to keep you focused and your precious cargo much safer” she added.

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