April 16, 2018
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Dear Reader,

From nonfiction powerhouse Steve Sheinkin comes a hilarious new fictional chapter book series about two kids who, in the first book, must persuade Abraham Lincoln to play his part in history after Lincoln goes on strike -- and, in the second, persuade Abigail Adams to play her part in history after she tires of life as First Lady in the White House. 

Judy Gelman and Vicki Levy Krupp

Ages 7 and up / Chapter Book/Comedy / Roaring Brook Press 

Win ABRAHAM LINCOLN, PRO WRESTLER and ABIGAIL ADAMS, PIRATE OF THE CARIBBEAN. Enter to win by emailing the author (write "KidsBookclubbing" in the subject line).

Dear Reader,
First, a confession. I used to write history textbooks. Sorry. 

I'm making amends with Time Twisters. This new series is a history/comedy mash-up -- famous figures escape from boring textbooks and set off on adventures that definitely never happened, illustrated with hilarious comics by Neil Swaab.

In Abraham Lincoln, Pro Wrestler, Abe travels to the present to pursue a secret dream. In Abigail Adams, Pirate of the Caribbean, the first lady gets tired of doing laundry in the White House and joins a crew of Caribbean pirates. Abby and Doc, two kids who thought they didn't like history, join the fun and try to set things right. 

Upcoming volumes will feature cowboys on the moon and Amelia Earhart at the ancient Olympics. And each book ends with an "Un-twisting History" chapter, where I point out all the true stuff you actually just learned.  

Thanks for taking a look!


Coming in fall!:  Neil Armstrong and Nat Love, Space Cowboys 
Coming in winter!:  Amelia Earhart and the Flying Chariot 

Book reviews:

"A historical home run!" 
-Dav Pilkey, bestselling author of Captain Underpants
"If you want to have fun while simultaneously learning some truly valuable lessons about history, then you absolutely MUST read these books." 
-Nick Bruel, bestselling author of the Bad Kitty series
"Mixing history, humor, and cartoon illustrations, Sheinkin's new series for young readers blends the appeal of Scieszka's Time Warp Trio, Osborne's Magic Tree House, and Kinney's Diary of a Wimpy Kid series." 
- Booklist
"[A] lively Abraham Lincoln-themed romp . . . The truth about historical figures, Sheinkin suggests, is more interesting than the myths, and Lincoln's story concludes with hints about the historical mix-ups that will figure into subsequent books." 
- Publishers Weekly

Discussion questions:

1. Who are some of your favorite people from history? Why?
2. Imagine one of your favorite historical figures escaping from history and having some new adventure. Where would they go? What would they do?
3. Do you think these adventures change Doc and Abby's opinion about history? How?
4. Imagine historical figures could really hear people when they say, "History is boring." How would they feel? What would they say to us?
5. What's the most interesting fact or true story you learned in this book?

Curriculum Connections:   Social Studies, Reading

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