The Kansas Green Party Endorses Kiel Corkran For Commissioner of Insurance

After a proposal was put forward by the Kansas Green Party Council and a vote was held among the Kansas Green Party membership, the Kansas Green Party has decided to endorse Kiel Corkran as the party's candidate for Commissioner of Insurance!
Kiel is from Olathe, Kansas and has experience as a paraeducator at the Manhattan Alternative High School, as a visual data analyst for Sperry Rail Service, and currently works as a tax examining technician for the IRS.

Kiel has a Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics. He aspires to become a certified actuary and is currently studying actuarial science, which is used in the insurance industry. His understanding of the math and statistical processes used in insurance underwriting give him a unique ability to spot unfair business practices of insurance companies, particularly unfair claims settlement practices.

Kiel is running for Commissioner of Insurance to look out for the interests of Kansas consumers. Kiel's primary opponent in this race is the current Commissioner, Vicki Schmidt. Schmidt is a member of the Republican Party. She was elected to the office in 2018 and has announced that she is running for re-election. Schmidt has taken $186,750.00 from insurance companies, healthcare providers, pharmaceutical companies, insurance and healthcare industry PACs, lobbying firms, financial investment firms, and related holding companies. That number doesn't include contributions Schmidt received in 2021.

Kiel has pledged to take no campaign contributions from corporations or corporate PACs.

Please follow the button below to donate to Kiel's campaign! If you donate more than $10, Kansas law requires that we collect your name and address. If you donate $150 or more you to also provide your employer.
Kiel is running to be the Kansas Commissioner of Insurance who will vigorously investigate and punish unfair business practices of insurance companies, particularly unfair claim settlement practices.

Kiel will go even further by requesting that the Kansas Legislature increase the possible monetary sanctions that can be assessed against those who violate Kansas insurance law.

Kiel also will refuse to approve insurance company mergers in order to prevent further development of monopolies in the insurance and healthcare industry.

This is a grassroots, people powered campaign and we need people like you to help us out! Please click the button below to sign up to volunteer!
Finally, please visit Kiel's website, linked below and vote for Kiel in November!

Teresa Wilke

Kent Rowe

Paul Krumm

Nick Blessing

Sponsored by the Kansas Green Party Committee.