The time has finally come.  It is officially Killebrew IPA Week.  Meaning the beer is availabe to fan clubs right now!   The Killebrew is named after Miles Killebrew the Safety that was drafted this year.  This could mark the beginning of our Ipas and other beers being named after Detroit Themed sports!
The much talked about, and acclaimed Killebrew IPA is finally here.  This beer is light in body and malt character and rich in Fruity and Piney notes.  Making it the perfect IPA to drink while on the porch or while playing football with some friends.  I used Summer, Pacifica, Amarillo, and Magnum to hop this beer.  For malt i included Full Pint Malt, Caramel 10, White Wheat, Redx and dextrose to create depth in this light IPA
The Cask for the week is our New Milk Stout with Cherry added to it

Island Girl: Coconut Rum with Orange Juice, Pineapple Juice and Sprite
Cucumber Cooler: Prairie Cucumber Vodka, Sprite and Sour Mix
Superman: Disaranno, Carolyns Irish Cream and Blue Curacao

Starting this Firkin Thursday we will be serving Asiago Pepperoni and Banana Pepper Rollups,  Quiche, the Waldorf Salad Wrap, Buffalo Chicken Pizza, Tuna, Ribeye, and to finish off the night we have the Fruit Crisp.  

The Spanitz Bros have made us some Tiger Brats and Poleman Brats for us to enjoy!



Ryan Walker

  Fort Street Brewery