In our world, the concept of staying in your lane is in the rearview. 
We see this most within  Marketing and Public Relations disciplines as they continue to merge and converge. 
The debate over their distinction and how they should coexist is age old.
Our stance?
Come on over. Let's collaborate.
We strategically work with the interdependencies of the two to deliver
on client goals with incredible success.

Naturally Electric

Scene of the Collab:
San Jose by way of China
How it Went Down:  When it comes to the next (word choice intended) wave of environmentally friendly vehicles, NextEV is taking tech and tuning it up to ensure a positive global impact. With a guest list packed with power including international dignitaries, government officials and top tier press, we thought it apt to craft a farm-to-table North American confetti-filled, biodegradable of course, opening celebration reflective of the brand's mission and guiding principles.

Consciously Codependent

Scene of the Collab: Often + Habitually
How it Went Down:  Forbes Magazine  has some compelling ideas about why PR has become so reliant on Content Marketing and how brands can maintain their audience's trust. Interestingly enough, while one might think it's the usual suspects of social media and technology, they're not top of mind as PR and Content intertwine.
Boldly Petite

Scene of the Collab: Midtown Manhattan Loft
How it Went Down:  When producing and designing Light's launch party and first public debut of the L16 - the DLSR camera that possesses the convenience, size and weight of a smartphone - we tapped into the people, product and brand philosophy. The invite-only guest list included photo influencers, enthusiasts and the media who experienced a myriad of memorable engagements from themed vignettes with silent discos and demos to a Light Museum that chronicled the evolution of the L16. 

Perfectly Paired

Scene of the Collab: The Boudoir
How it Went Down: The retailer  disruptor  Casper has been flipping the way mattresses are purchased by sending customers online. West Elm, known for its millennial-focused home decor said, come on over. Within their stores, they created the opportunity to allow customers to bury their booty  in the real thing leading to greater awareness and access to potential prospects that resulted in increased sales and sweet dreams for both brands.

Let's merge and converge. We ♥ killer collaboration. 
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