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Dear Killroy Customers,

The ownership and staff of the Killroy Family thank you for allowing us to treat your pest issues during 2020. It has been a difficult year for all of us, yet we made it through and are now looking to 2021 with some optimism. Killroy looks forward to serving you as we move ahead, and please know that our staff will continue to take all precautions when entering your properties and communicating with you and your families.

We’ve always viewed our business as a family – not just our ownership family, but our staff and importantly, our customers. We have sensed our family pulling together in the last twelve months and determinedly working for appropriate solutions and answers. That’s the way we roll at Killroy, and it gives me great peace at this time.

Lynn Olavarri
Killroy Pest Control  
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Remembering Gabino Jara
A stalwart employee of more than a decade, Gabino Jara brought a positive attitude to work with him every day. Thus, it is with great sadness that Killroy Pest Control learned of Gabino’s passing at the beginning of January 2021.  
Gabino was truly a versatile contributor at Killroy, having worked in our Termite department and General Pest service, as well as being a key component of our landscape services division.  

Known for his love of music and the 49ers, Gabino will be greatly missed by his Killroy family. 
Trees are important not only to your yard, but to the environment we all live in. Now is the time to be proactive about your tree care needs. 

Are you finding spotting on the leaves? Rust or yellowing? Starting to lose some foliage? 

In addition to traditional spraying, Killroy also offers root and trunk injections. Utilizing the latest in tree care technology, our trained technicians can help mitigate numerous pests, fungi and diseases before they can get a foot hold. 

Call today and ask for Ken about Killroy’s tree services!
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The Western Tussock Moth (Orgyia vetusta) found primarily in the Pacific Coastal
states and Idaho, can vary in numbers from year to year, with some years having high
populations, and other years where their impact is not even noticed.

The Tussock moth’s eggs begin to hatch in late February and the young larvae feed on
the remaining egg mass. These moths have an ingenious way of dispersing
themselves. They spin a silk thread used to “balloon” for dispersal. Because the female
is flightless, the young use this technique as the major form of moving around.

Typically, our attention is drawn to them from this behavior of dangling by a silk thread
from oaks and other deciduous trees. They also can be identified by the bright orange
and red spots among the tufted fuzzy hairs protruding from their bodies.
The larvae gorge on leaves until its time to spin their cocoons and morph into moths.
But when a tree becomes too crowded, they drop to the ground to crawl up another
tree. In this process they can at times cover homes, vehicles, patios and other
structures. The eerie image appears like something out of the “Twilight Zone”
Their behavior, as with all insects that have a complete metamorphous life cycle, where
there is a very active, ravenous larva, can result in anywhere from moderate to severe
damage to host and surrounding trees.
Healthy trees can usually withstand the damage and grow new leaves, but an all-out
attack can leave trees unattractively stripped of their canopy. If they suffer attacks over
several seasons death may result. In addition, the hair of the tussock moth caterpillar
can trigger allergic reactions. This may manifest itself by either a rash or if inhaled,
respiratory problems.

Killroy has many years of experience in dealing with this problem. While we can assist
you on an individual basis, it is more effective to treat the problem on a neighborhood
scale. If you begin to see signs of an infestation, check around your neighbors and see
if they are experiencing similar conditions. A comprehensive plan can be the most
effective method of controlling these pests. We can assist you with tips for a
coordinated neighborhood program.

Employee in the Spotlight - Lauren Kersten
Killroy is excited to announce that our very own, Lauren Kersten, is a newly minted Associate Certified Entomologist. The ACE certification requires dedication and self-motivated commitment to accomplish and Killroy wants to take the opportunity to say congratulations to Lauren! 

A veteran technician, with more than 7 years in the field, Lauren continues to be hungry for more expertise.   Servicing the Peninsula and Santa Cruz areas as part of our Sensitive Solutions team, Lauren’s advanced training allows her to solve your pest problems effectively and efficiently.  Lauren’s customers and the environment are in good hands with such a knowledgeable technician servicing their homes and businesses.   

Never sedentary, Lauren spends time exploring the Santa Cruz mountains and travelling throughout the United States and the World.
We also service the East Bay
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