Interim Controller Kim Groesbeck Announces Retirement

Kim Groesbeck, whose steady hand and 13 years of service to UC Merced helped guide a young University as it grew its financial services and launched cutting-edge systems for its fiscal future, has announced her retirement as Interim Assistant Vice Chancellor and Controller.

When Kim came aboard as director of General Accounting in August 2008, the department had three staff members. The University, only three years removed from its first undergraduate classes, relied heavily on UCLA for financial functions.
Fast forward to spring 2021; Kim now oversees 16 departments and 106 staff in Business and Financial Services. Moreover, UC Merced capped years of incremental disconnections from UCLA support with Alpha Financials, a 20-month project that launched multiple game-changing systems on Jan. 4.

“Kim has been a driving force in the controller’s office and has accomplished a lot in her long UC Merced career, with her signature achievement being the Alpha Financials project,” said Mike Riley, former UC Merced Interim Vice Chancellor and Chief Financial Officer and current Controller at UC-Berkeley. “I’ve been lucky to call her a friend and colleague.”

Interim Chief Financial Officer Kurt Schnier said UC Merced “has been fortunate to have Kim’s leadership in developing a young University’s financial capabilities. We are now able to stand on our own, thanks in no small part to the people and systems she helped put in place.”

Kim served as General Accounting director until May 2016, when she was named Assistant Controller. She was promoted to her current role in November 2018.

“Kim has taken on many challenges with the University and should be very proud of her career successes and achievements,” said Dreu Thao, External Relations’ Director of Administrative Operations and Financial Services. Thao, along with Marianna Eastman and Pam Taylor, formed Kim’s General Accounting team in 2008.

“A lot has happened over the years and through all the challenges and successes, Kim has been a steady pioneer for UC Merced,” added Taylor, now Business Officer for the Center for Business Services and Solutions (CBS2). “Thank you, Kim, for your years of service and leadership.”

Kim said she is especially proud of the dedication and resilience her staff has shown over the years in often challenging conditions, most notably their successful completion of the Alpha Financials project amid a viral pandemic.

“There’s been so much change, and the staff has had to be very motivated and dedicated to support that change,” she said.

Kim's retirement takes effect at the end of June. She plans to enjoy having more time with her family, which includes two children and two grandsons. After an eventful couple of years, though, she’s mainly looking forward to taking a breather.

You’ve earned it, Kim. Enjoy your retirement!