MOAR News February 2017

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MOAR Mission: 
To organize recovering individuals, families and friends into a collective voice to educate the public about the value of recovery from alcohol and other addictions.

Kim's Story!

I am Kim Krawczyk, a woman in recovery. And what that means is I have not used any substance of any kind since 08/08/2014. I used many substances of all kinds for 30 years of my life. My addictions brought me to jails and to complete desperation.
I tried many forms of treatment such as half way houses, drug courts, and traditional pathways. All of them lead me in the right direction.
Today I am a productive member of society I have a job that I love as a recovery coach for MOAR. I have a family that has chosen me. I have good credit and a home that I pay for.    I speak out for the voiceless, the hopeless, and the forgotten so one day they can find their way into recovery.

Introducing, SOAR/MOAR's Map of Peer Recovery Community Organizations Across MA

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As part of our Speaking Out For Addiction Recovery (SOAR) project, MOAR
has embarked to map all of the recovery community organizations in our state.  Explore our map to find resources in your area.  Bookmark and check back for frequent additions and updates.  As time progresses, we will be adding resources such as recovery homes, detoxes, and sober houses.

Know of a peer-based resource that is not listed?  Please email re: RCO Map
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