Kindergarten...Here I Come | Week 2 Update
The Kindergarten Transition
Kindergarten classrooms today don't resemble the classrooms from our childhood memories. There are expectations for what children should know before they begin Kindergarten. By following us along in this Kindergarten...Here I Come program, we will be reviewing many of the skills needed to thrive in Kindergarten.

This week, we will focus on language development. The elements of language development include:

  • Conversation Skills;
  • Alphabet knowledge;
  • Phonological awareness; and
  • Vocabulary knowledge.

We take these large concepts and break them down into fun activities for your and your child. This week's activity is a game called the "Letter Sound Train" where your child will (with your guidance) match the sounds in the words to the letter on the train. It's fun, it's helpful, and it makes a big difference if your child can do this by the time school starts.

In this email, you will find all Week 2 custom-designed content:

We encourage you to watch this week's video and submit your questions in advance of our Parent Chat via Facebook Live! on Thursday, June 18 @ 6 PM. We will be discussing positive discipline and the effects on our children.

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You'll also find below a reminder about an incredible opportunity to participate in a national program (that will loan you a computer for the summer) below.

Let's work together to help your child soar into Kindergarten!
Join us for Parent Chat on Facebook Live Event 6/18
If you have not joined us for a Parent Chat recently, take a moment to mark your calendar. They are awesome and full of excellent information.

This week's parent chat will focus on positive discipline and how that can have a profound effect on your child. Join us Thursday, June 18th at 6pm on Facebook Live.
Welcome to Waterford UPSTART: Summer Learning Path!

Parents-- this is huge! In addition to ELCPBC Kindergarten Transition Program that you are participating in, you have the opportunity to take part in a free award winning program with Waterford UPSTART.

Waterford UPSTART is a school-readiness program that teaches preschool-aged children the skills they need to be ready for school, including basic reading, math, science, and social-emotional learning.

In response to the educational interruptions caused by the COVID-19 outbreak, we’ve arranged to offer free summer access to our award-winning school readiness program in select states: Arizona, California, Delaware, Florida, Indiana, Mississippi, New Mexico, Ohio, and Texas.

***They will loan you a computer to use for the summer***

There are only a few hundred spots in Florida. Please sign up today.
Coming Next Week! Stay Tuned.
WEEK 3 | Cognitive Skills & Learning Activities
Cognitive development is all about learning. When a child imitates an adult, that's cognitive development; when a child builds a tower out of blocks, that's cognitive development; and when a child pretends to be a doggy or a daddy, that's cognitive development.