Kindergarten Readiness/Transition Series
(Information for Parents)    #1
Dear (Contact First Name),

Kindergarten can be an exciting time for you and your child because it sets the stage for his/her entire school career. But sending your child off to kindergarten can be rough. As the day approaches, you will probably experience a mix of feelings ranging from relief to fear.

Self Help, Inc/CFCE hopes that this series of emails will provide you with activities, resources and information to support you in this great step into Kindergarten.

You will receive emails bi-weekly until the end of April (for a total of 9) containing some great information for you and your child.  After the series of emails you will be sent a survey to complete evaluating if this has helped you and your child better prepare yourself.  If you complete and return the survey by the date we ask, you will then be entered into a drawing to win children's books for you child!

We Hope You Enjoy!!!!
Specific Kindergarten Information
  • We are currently working on gathering specific information in regard to Kindergarten Registration per town.  Once we have obtained it we will send out a separate email with that information.
  • Check all information with your public school as the information may have changed since we obtained it.   
  • If you have missed your date, contact your public school to inquire of your next steps.  
  • You can always call the school to obtain information. 

 *SHI/CFCE is not responsible for misinformation. The information was gathered to the best of our ability and may have changed or our source could have been incorrect.  We encourage everyone to call their public school to obtain correct information.





FAQs About School Readiness

Have a question? Need more information? Get your answers here!

What is school readiness?
How is school readiness measured?
What is R4K? (Ready for Kindergarten)
Why does school readiness matter?
Is your child ready for school?
How do early learning experiences support readiness?
What can parents do to help their children be ready for school?


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The next 8 emails will focus on one of the following areas:  Social Emotional, Math, Pre-reading/ Literacy Skills, Self Care, Gross Motor, Fine Motor, Language/ Communication, and Bus Safety. 






 Kindergarten Resource and Activity Section

Kinder CAlendar Cover iMAge
If you have not received our Kindergarten Activity and Resource Calendar you can download it at or call to request a copy at 508-559-1666 x128.

Ready for Kindergarten?
Five teachers tell you what preschoolers really need for next year.                              By Ellen H. Parlapiano

If your child's preschool years are coming to an end, your thoughts are probably turning toward kindergarten. But is your child ready to move on to the "big" school? What skills do kindergarten teachers expect their new students to have? To help answer those questions (and ease your mind), we've asked highly regarded kindergarten teachers from around the country to share their insights on helping your child gain the right mix of kindergarten-readiness skills.  CLICK HERE for the article.

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