What should I expect for my student's kindergarten experience?
Purposeful Play defines our approach to teaching in kindergarten classrooms. That means purposeful curriculum activities bring the impact of play into learning stations as students engage in meaningful activities through Literacy, Math, Science and table activities that develop foundational skills.
We focus on creating readers who are empowered, inspired and confident. Handwriting readiness is also key, along with learning and practicing letters and numbers.

Journeys is our K-5 reading curriculum.
Our students spend 60 minutes each day in whole class and small group instruction to develop understanding of new math concepts and review those daily.

Engage New York is our K-5 math curriculum.
Social Emotional
Students learn how to listen, pay attention, control their behavior and get along with others. These important social and emotional behaviors prepare them for success in future grades.

Second Step is our K-5 social-emotional curriculum.
Starting in Kindergarten, students experience all the "specials" our schools have to offer: art, physical education, music and library.

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