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Concord Elementary
September 12, 2016
Dear Kindergarten Parents,
Concord's kindergartners are currently making their first visits to the library!  It has been wonderful to meet them, share a story, and then help them select a first book to checkout and take home.  Hopefully, you came across that book in their backpack.    
This year the library media center is staffed by myself, Kathy Masterman, our media assistant, and Brandon Par, our computer para. Your child is likely to interact with all of us during visits to the library, and we always look forward to that. 
Book Selection
Books in the library are being introduced one area at a time so as not to overwhelm the kindergartners with too many choices at once. It's very exciting each week when new shelves are made available, and it doesn't take long to get around to all the different areas.
Beyond that, students are encouraged to make their own book selections as part of a learning process to determine which books are 'good fit'.  If you are unhappy with a choice your child makes, please discuss it with him.  Find out why she chose the book and if she enjoyed having it. If he feels he did not make a good choice, discuss what might be a better choice next time. Remind her that the library staff knows almost every book in the library and is always happy to help match books with readers.
We do what we can to encourage variety and trying new things. That being said, let me apologize in advance to all who will be asked to read Scooby Doo, Frozen or Ninjago more times than you ever thought possible!  

Checkout Policies 
Once students have mastered the idea of checking out and bringing back a single book each week, they will be allowed two books. In addition, the kindergarten teachers will start allowing students to exchange books first thing every morning. Once this begins, students can bring home new library books every day if they'd like.  I am so appreciative that our kindergarten teachers allow this independence. 
I Forgot My Books! 
Occasionally students will forget their library books on their library day. In these instances, we provide an orange reminder slip we hope will trigger returning books the following day. These orange slips are in no way meant to be punitive...only to serve as a reminder. (We talk about how Ms. Holland's desk is covered with notes to help her remember things, too!) 

During book checkout, students who forgot their books wait at a table together browsing books made available to them; however, it's much more fun to be able to select books to take home.  For that reason, please help your kindergartner remember their library books especially on library day.

If your child receives a reminder slip, and you feel there has been an error, please call or send a note to the media center. Occasionally books are misplaced at school or returned to the shelves without being checked-in properly. We will happily investigate.

Library days are as follows:
Monday - Mrs. Thiede
Tuesday - Mrs. King
Wednesday - Mr. Davidson
Thursday - Mrs. Anderson
Friday - Mrs. Blachowiak  

Lost or Damaged Books
Families are asked to pay the replacement cost of any book that  is lost or severely damaged while in the student's care. In that way, we are able to maintain our collection for the hundreds of students that visit each week. If a lost item is found and returned to the media center within one year of payment, a full refund is given.
To prevent loss or accidental damage, we will be discussing the following in class:
  • Having a special place at home just for library the floor and safe from younger siblings and pets.
  • Not eating or drinking while reading.
  • Turning the pages carefully from the side or top corner.
  • Carrying books between home and school in a backpack (separate from juice boxes and water bottles containing water)
  • Using a bookmark.
Additional Information and Resources
For additional information and free access to TumbleBooks and other wo nder ful resources for beginning readers, we encourage you to visit our media center webpage.  
We hope you enjoy sharing the many wonderful books we have in our library with your son or daughter each week.  Your interest in their new library books and that time spent reading together is so important and makes such a big difference!

Please call or email if you ever have any questions or comments about Concord's library or would be interested in becoming a library volunteer.  We are currently looking for new volunteer recruits!

See you at the book fair!


Laurie Holland