Kindervelt's 50th Jubilee
Celebrating 50 years of Making a Difference
Anyone know of any past Market sponsors, we would love to know. We have some holes to fill regarding this info.
Planning is moving along for hopefully, an early October in-person event to celebrate our 50 years of making a difference. Many of us were not members back at the beginning, so we are starting a series of articles about our history, please enjoy below. Thank you to our guest writers.

Be on the lookout for an upcoming article in Movers & Makers magazine, which will be virtual for March.

Hope you caught the article in the weekly Cincinnati Magazine about KV #16's Bernie Mitten raffle. You can find it HERE. Thank you to an outside volunteer writer who saw this on our Facebook page and knew the magazine was looking for this type of news.

Mary Beth Young, Fall Event Chair
From the President
Only 19 more days until Spring, not that I’m counting or anything! Spirits are already lifting knowing the gray, dreary days are almost over. This time last year things were starting to get quite crazy. We’ve made it a year now with lots of changes, but our devotion to our cause has never faltered! The past month has been exciting working with the Nominating Committee creating a new slate of officers, seeing more project request forms being submitted, and having plans start to fall into place for the Annual Meeting and Fall Event with high hopes that both will be able to be held, with restrictions, “in person!’

This time of the year I would normally be congratulating our “Let the Good Times Bowl” citywide event chair, Andi Mapes on a job well done. Instead, I’m thanking her for agreeing to stay on as the chair for the event to be held in February of 2022.  

I do want to extend my thanks to Kindervelt #50 for all the incredible time and effort they put toward organizing the event with Everything but The House. KV #50 is so appreciative of the support other groups provided. What a fun event! We will anxiously await the news of a fabulous profit.

Special thanks go to our guest columnists this month for helping with our 50th year celebration.  Don’t miss their articles highlighting Kindervelt’s first decade; what a fun way to reminisce or learn about our history!

Yours in “making a difference,”
Katrina Smith
Kindervelt City President
News From our Current Division
Screening for Social Needs:
Addressing More than Health Conditions
By: Danielle Maholtz, DO, FAAP and Carley Riley, MD, MPP, MHS, FAAP
A movement is underway in medicine to provide more holistic patient care that addresses not only the clinical conditions of patients but also the upstream factors that impact health of people. The World Health Organization (WHO) has defined these upstream factors as social determinants of health (SDoH), “the conditions in which people are born, grow, live, work and age” which are “shaped by the distribution of money, power and resources” (1). Since then, these conditions have been categorized into five broad categories: economic instability, education, social and community context, health and health care and neighborhood and build environment (2). Included in this list are health factors which represent things we can change to improve health for all like opportunities for quality education, access to healthy foods and secure and affordable housing. According to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation County Health Rankings and Roadmaps, 50% of social risk factors impacting health outcomes are health factors that can be targeted to improve general population health (3).

Improving health and achieving health equity require innovation in how children with unmet needs across these social determinant categories are identified. Screening tools have been validated for identification of these unmet social needs in pediatric outpatient offices. Recognition that patients with unmet social needs frequently have difficulties with outpatient follow up has led to efforts to screen in the acute care and inpatient settings. Children requiring critical care have been recognized as being at greater risk for unmet social needs than the general population, but no work has yet utilized screening to identify unmet social needs in the pediatric critical care population. 

To learn more about how these needs impact critically ill children and lead in the movement to address unmet social needs that impact child health and wellbeing, the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center Pediatric Intensive Care Unit formed a multidisciplinary team of Pediatric Intensive Care physicians, advanced practice practitioners, nurses, and social workers. This team developed a process to screen children and their caregivers admitted to our intensive care unit for unmet social needs and then respond to identified needs. We recently received an American Academy of Pediatrics Section on Critical Care Small Project Award to support this effort. Since beginning the screening process in 2021, our unit has identified many patients with unmet social needs and connected their caregivers with hospital and community-based resources. There has been a positive response to the families involved in the process. Our future goals are to standardize and implement this screening process for all children admitted to our unit and to collaborate with the acute care and outpatient office teams to overlap our screening process with those already existent in other areas of the medical system. 

1. Alderwick, H. and L.M. Gottlieb, Meanings and Misunderstandings: A Social Determinants of Health Lexicon for Health Care Systems. Milbank Q, 2019. 97(2): p. 407-419. 
2. Sokol, R., et al., Screening Children for Social Determinants of Health: A Systematic Review. Pediatrics, 2019. 144(4).3. 
3. “2020 County Health Rankings Key Findings Report.” County Health Rankings & Roadmaps,
A Look Back - Kindervelt's First Decade
by Claire Kupferle #3
The year 1971 was significant for a variety of reasons. The voting age was lowered from 21 to 18, National Public Radio aired for the first time, Intel released the first microprocessor, and you could buy Malibu Barbie for $1.94. It was also the year Willard Baily, Director of Development for Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center (CCHMC), saw the need for an auxiliary organization which would raise finds to support the consolidation and expansion of services at the Medical Center. He tapped dynamo board member Barbara Robinson to lead the effort. Their goal was to better the "children's world" or Kindervelt in German. By the end of the decade, Kindervelt had donated over $434,000 to CCHMC.
Enthusiasm for the new organization was high, largely due to the energy, can-do attitude, and sense of purpose while having fun that was created by the founding members. By the end of the 70’s there were 58 active groups with total membership around 1300. The neighborhood groups were directed by an overarching, city-wide board, allowing Kindervelt to create fundraisers at the city level as well as in the neighborhoods. Local fundraisers were as varied as the imaginations of the members, who organized progressive dinners, sold cookbooks, had breakfast with Santa and brunch with the Easter Bunny, threw Derby Day and New Year’s Eve parties and so much more. 
Many enduring Kindervelt traditions were created at this time, including the Kinder Klaus Markt, which evolved from a 1975 holiday craft show and was so successful it was held in the Ohio National Guard Armory. Inside the immense space, the decorations committee created a life-size Bavarian Village, with eight storefronts to display members’ wares. The storefronts were used for 35 of the Markt’s 38 year run. The popular event generated media attention as well as funding, with members of the 1976 Bengals attending the opening night celebration. From 1976-2013, the event raised almost $3,918,000.
For the first few years, our funds were unrestricted. It was then decided it was best to have a specific area of commitment, the first being the Radiology Department which was able to purchase new equipment.
Kindervelt in the 70's from the Perspective of Someone Who Lived It.
by Nancy Groves-VanBuskirk #29
I joined the Forest Park #6 Kindervelt group in 1973. A few of my neighbors had already joined and thought it would be a good fit for me - a former art teacher turned stay-at-home mom. They were so right. In the beginning most KV groups were neighborhood or small community groups. One such group - #7 Delhi was started by a group of Girl Scout Troop Leaders who in turn attracted many more people to join… and so it went with other groups as well - a friend inviting a friend and Kindervelt grew and grew. 

But what was the attraction that made so many people so passionate about Kindervelt? The 70s was a time when women were coming into their own and Cincinnati’s Children’s Hospital Medical Center was a newly created consolidation of several children’s medical facilities in need of one fund raising auxiliary for the entire center. Kindervelt was created and provided a platform where all our collective talents and skills could be used to raise funds that would enable CHMC to be the force for positive change in the outcome of children’s health. And if that wasn’t attraction enough we were blessed with the dynamic leadership of our founding members - who emphasized putting the FUN in FUNd raising and the 7 City Presidents in that first decade. You just wanted to be a part of what they were doing. 

The backbone of Kindervelt FUNd raising was all the numerous group events, all of which were FUN times and little by little raised thousands of dollars for CHMC. We wrote cookbooks, planned parties, had road rallies, waitressed for tips at various restaurants, baked, decorated personalized chocolate eggs, had children’s parties, fashion shows and luncheons and so much more. 

The signature FUNd raising event for Kindervelt was the creation of the KinderKlaus Markt in1976. It was much more than a platform to sell our handmade crafts. It was a holiday shopping EXPERIENCE. I designed and volunteers built a life size Bavarian German Village with shops and a cafe where you could have hot chocolate and donuts in the morning and soup for lunch while you shopped through an array of 20,000 handcrafted items. This combination made the Markt a destination. It not only showcased members crafting and culinary skills, but organization, publicity, design, planning, dedication, and attention to detail skills that set the tone for Kindervelt as an organization that can get things done in a most effective, FUN way. In 1977 Redbook Magazine came to our Markt as part of their future feature of Christmas in Cincinnati for their November 1978 issue. Of the 6 craft items featured in the magazine 3 were from our Markt. The items had to be original. 

For me, Kindervelt is much more than an organization. It is a Family of Friends who have bonded over the years through a shared desire to make Cincinnati Children’s the treasure that it is. Just ask any of the Barbara Fitch Award winners or anyone who has been in Kindervelt for their Kindervelt stories. 
Annual Barbara Fitch Award Nominations
It's time for our annual Barbara Fitch Award nominations. The committee is looking for an exemplary individual to honor, so please consider for nomination any current Kindervelt member in good-standing with at least 5 years service.  This person should be dedicated and committed--one who is an ambassador for Kindervelt in the community, who is an active contributor to her local group, and who gladly gives her time, talents and energy to promote our cause.  The nominee should represent the true spirit of charity as well as embody the mantra "others before self".

The 2020 award winner will be honored at this year's Annual Meeting On May 19th.
The 2021 award winner will be honored at the Fall Event: 50th Jubilee event.
Kindervelt Krafts 2021
Hope this finds everyone well and you have thawed out from the snow and cold. With a new year, 2021, we are seeing hope with the Covid-19 vaccine and looking forward to another great craft season!

As chairman of the Kraft Committee I'm trying to get positions filled for 2021-2022. Their are several positions available, as follows;
  • Chair Elect
  • Secretary/Business
  • Greeter/Security
If anyone is interested in any of the open positions, or know someone that might be good for a position, please notify me by my e-mail address, or mobile phone number, 574-202-0347.

Sincerely, your Kindervelt Krafts Chair,
Sue A. Hammel
Upcoming Events
KV #30 Bakers are at it again!
Assorted Cookies for Easter.
All baking is done from scratch just like grandma made- all-butter, freshest ingredients available, NO HOLDS BARRED, melt in your mouth cookies! 

The order of 40 plus cookies come in three freeze-able boxes tied in a pretty bow. A perfect hostess gift, teacher gift, or just gobble them up yourself! 

Each order is only $20. The last date for orders are March 22. Pick up in Blue Ash, April 1, 10AM to 2PM or delivery for an additional $5.

Ordering will be available online or by phone with Marie at 513-984-0408
Yummy Jelly Beans Just in time for Easter
KV #56 has 1 pound packages of gourmet Jelly Beans, perfect for Easter. Choose from Cinnamon, Spice, Assorted Fruit, or Licorice.
Order deadline is March 27th
Free Delivery between March 28 - April 2 within the Cincinnati 275 loop or arrange a pickup within the loop.
$10 shipping per 6 bags.
Also, they have 3 wooden bunny decorations available.
Deck of 52 Gift Card Raffle” 

Kindervelt's West Region is happy to announce their Deck of 52 gift card raffle is back again this year! Gift cards will be valued from $10 to $50 and will include dining, shopping and services gift cards. Members from groups 8,16, 20, & 68 are currently selling chances.

1 ticket for $5
5 tickets are $20
Winner to be drawn May 3rd.
KV #3 Logo Masks
Kindervelt Logo mask, only $5 each. Contact Val, Flyer HERE.

KV #3 Kindervelt Logo Pens
The various hospital units always need pens. As KV #3's annual gift, they are offering 20 pens for $20 to donate to the hospital units or purchase for your own use. Contact Val, More info and Flyer HERE.
Lunch at the Links, Virtually!
April 10th - April 25th
KV #19 is having their Annual Lunch at the Links Silent Auction virtual again this year. We plan to have a limited silent auction, the famous Booze Cart Raffle, the Wine Pull and Donations using the Givesmart app again this year. Please contact Andee Rupe at if you are interested in becoming a sponsor. Click on flyer for full size version.
Save the Dates!
April 28 & 29th - KV #22 Kendra Scott Virtual Give Back Event
May 14th - KV #68 "Tee Off For Kids" golf outing
July 17th - KV #77 Annual Fashion Show
Applause, Applause
KV #3 The First Thursdays project developed by KV #3 is going strong. A total of $250 was raised last month while members enjoyed a salmon dinner, scones, cauliflower soup, homemade breads and much more! The monthly event, which evolved from the Bake It, Make It, Fake It fundraiser, allows group members to order various goods and services from one another on an on-going basis using a simple Google doc. KV #3 highly recommends the idea to other groups, since it’s a fun way to stay connected with each other while enjoying delicious or useful offerings and raising money.

KV #68 would like to thank all those that took part in their Super Bowl Split The Pot! Thank you to the winners that donated their winnings back to Kindervelt. We raised $1,680.00.

KV #16 Their Bernie mitten raffle made the Cincinnati Magazine weekly email. Check it out HERE!
KV #03 Sends their deepest condolences to Muffy Kadon and her family after the recent loss of her father-in-law, Karl P. Kadon.

KV #56 & #78 Sends deepest sympathy to Ruth Wiley and her family on the passing of her husband, Dave on Sunday, February 28th. Please keep Ruth and her family in your prayers. Ruth is a past City Wide President and Markt Chair. Their daughter Becky is also a past Markt Chair. Dave was a huge help to anything Kindervelt.
March 1st - Niki Meiners #22
March 3rd - Ann Jonson #30
March 3rd - Rosalind Conner #22
March 8th - Katrina Smith #78
March 8th - Kassy Corken #78
March 9th - Holly Poissant #22
March 10th - Ellie Moffat #22
March 11th - Jane Garfield #22
March 13th - Gail Bowler #30
March 16th - Karen Benne #77
March 24th - Mary Diane Simon #30
KV #16 would also like to thank all their members who donated money or gift cards for the West Region's "Deck of 52 Gift Cards" raffle and "Don't Forget" it's also time to start thinking about becoming an Officer in our KV #16 group! Please stay safe and healthy!

KV #3 Congratulations go out to member Andi Mapes on the engagement of her youngest child, daughter Kat!

KV #8 Congratulations to Becky and Evan Karns on the birth of Everly Faith on January 29, 2021. Both mom and baby are healthy and doing well. We are all so very happy for them!

KV #16 would like to congratulate our President Cindy Burger on the news that her daughter Taylor is expecting her first and a "baby boy!" This will make Grandbaby #8 for her and Jim. Congratulations to all!