From the President
Kindervelt surely bloomed this spring revealing an annual giving of $603,000! How amazing! Thank you to our Annual Meeting Chair, Sue Crosby, for a memorable evening.

Some highlights of the evening were recognizing this year’s recipient of the Barbara Fitch Award, Bonnie Hueneman. Congratulations Bonnie, you are truly an ambassador for Kindervelt.  Dr. Maya Dewan spoke passionately about the children in the PICU which reminds us all why we support Cincinnati Children’s and the notable work they do.

We are now half way through our four-year commitment to the Division of Critical Care Medicine and Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. I look forward to the next two years with anticipation of what we all can accomplish together.

Check out some of the summer group events. The month of June has KV16 hosting a golf outing June 6 and a collaboration of KV49 and KV22 cohosting a comedy night June 14.

Thank you to the newly appointed 2022-2023 Board of Trustees, all the group officers and EVERY Kindervelt member who has chosen to volunteer their time. I’m confident together, we can make a difference.

I am thrilled to be a part of such an impressive organization. Enjoy the summer months with family and friends and I will see you along the way,

Cindy Burger
Kindervelt City President - 2022-2024
Annual Meeting - Special Thanks
Thanks to everyone for being a part of Kindervelt’s Annual Meeting! It is such an honor to be a part of an organization that shows so much dedication, creativity and determination to raise funds to make our children and the children of the world healthier.

A very special Thank You to Dr. Dewan for volunteering to speak at this year’s Annual Meeting. While we have learned about the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit and how our fund raising helps others, we are also motivated to do more.
Bonnie Finn - KV #22 and Sue Crosby KV #22, Annual Meeting Chair
A warm and special “thank you!” to Leslie Rothwell and the staff of the Kenwood Country Club for all they did to make this such a lovely evening.

I can’t thank Kelly Bollinger and Keith Henize enough! They are always ready to help. Their answer is always, "we can do that."

Many, many thanks also to Bonnie Finn, Amy Rosenberg and Tracy Smith. I could not have done this without you. They truly helped make this such a wonderful evening.

Special appreciation must go to the members of Kindervelt. They are always there, ready to jump in and help, even when I say it will be so easy and they know it won’t be!

Last but definitely not least, I would like to thank Katrina Smith. Her dedication to Kindervelt is awe inspiring. She has kept her smile and told her special jokes as she worked through 2 very difficult years. COVID couldn’t stop her. Katrina, you have our heartfelt gratitude for all that you have done for Kindervelt.

Sue Crosby, Annual Meeting Chair
Celebrating our 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 Year Members!
Congratulations and thank you to all our milestone members!
Unfortunately many were not able to attend.
10 Year Members
Cindy Burger, Janet Beiersdorfer, Kristin Rose, Stephanie Janseen, Sally Chase
Kathleen Werner, Linda Deters-City Membership Chair
30 Year Member
Cindy Burger, JoAnn Carlson, Linda Deters-City Membership Chair
40 Year Members
Gayle Keating, Melanie Gallagher, Linda Deters-City Membership Chair
50 Year Members
Barb Diener - Founding member of KV 7 Delhi in 1972. She was on the KV city Board 1976-1977 as Corresponding Secretary, 1978-1979 Markt Chair Elect, 1979-1980 as Markt Chair, 1981- 1982 as Membership, 1982-1983 as Vice President, 1983 -1984 as Projects Chair, and 1984-1986 as City President, 1986-1988 as Past President. She also was Volunteers Committee Chair for the 1987 World’s Figure Skating Championships in Cincinnati for which CCHMC via Kindervelt received half of the profits from corporate donors. In the 80s and 90s Barb was involved with Tennithon.

Barb Steinmetz - First joined KV 6 Forest Park and then went on to start up KV 12 Pleasant Run Farms. She attended the very first Kindervelt Annual Luncheon (Meeting) at the home of Founder Barbara Robinson. Barb was on the KV city Board 1974-1975 as Projects Chair, 1976-1977 as Membership Chair and was on the 1977 KKM Steering Committee. Then back on the board in 2008-2009 as Annual Meeting Chair and she has been on several Nominating Committees. She has also served as President in both her original group KV 12 and later in her current group KV 29.
Barbara Diener, Linda Deters-City Membership Chair. We are sorry Barb Steinmetz was unable to attend. She was on her way to Minnesota.
Don Hueneman, Bonnie Hueneman, Kelly Anderson - Kindervelt Vice President
2022 Barbara Fitch Award
Bonnie Hueneman - KV #68
The 2022 Barbara Fitch Award winner, Bonnie Hueneman, was nominated by multiple groups and her commitment to Kindervelt came shining through all of the nominations and letters of support. She is a 36-year member who is active in her group, has held multiple local and city offices, and coordinated or chaired many citywide events, all while working full time and being dedicated to her family. She is an ambassador for Kindervelt and embodies the mantra of “others before self.” She is upbeat, eager and loves to involve others in our cause. Congratulations to Bonnie on winning the 18th annual Barbara Fitch Award!
Understanding PTSD
Kyle Caldwell, M.Ed, LPCC-S
The month of June is PTSD Awareness Month, and below I would like to share some helpful information regarding what trauma is and what kind of treatments are available. Trauma can truly affect people, directly or indirectly, in all areas of life. Many people who suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) might feel as if things will never change, but it is extremely important to know that treatment is available and life can improve. 
What is Trauma?
The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders describes trauma as: 1) Direct experiences that lead someone to feel that their life is in danger or that they are at risk of serious bodily harm, 2) Witnessing such events happen to somebody else, 3) Learning that such an event happened to a loved one or close friend, and 4) Having repeated exposure to situations that involve traumatic events towards others. In addition to the criteria mentioned above, most clinicians would also agree that certain events that occur in early childhood such as sexual/physical abuse, neglect, and unstable living environments would also constitute as trauma. 

Symptoms of Trauma
The most common symptoms of trauma will fall under the following four categories:
  1. Re-experiencing (Flashbacks, nightmares, frightening and intrusive thoughts)
  2. Avoidance (Staying away from things that are related to, or remind you of the trauma)
  3. Increased hypervigilance (Being easily startled, on-edge, feeling like something could happen at any time, and increased angry outbursts)
  4. Disturbances in cognition and mood (Difficulty remembering aspects of the trauma, trouble concentrating, negative thoughts of one’s self, and losing interest in activities once enjoyed) 
In addition to these, children or adolescents may present with symptoms that may seem more subtle, or harder to recognize as being related to trauma. In early childhood, they may struggle with things like bed-wetting, missed developmental milestones, clinginess, and acting out their trauma in dramatic play. Older children and teens may show disruptive and oppositional/defiant behaviors.    

Treatments available
There are many types of evidenced-based treatments available to treat PTSD and other trauma and stressor-related disorders. Some of the most recommended are Prolonged Exposure Therapy, Cognitive Processing Therapy, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), and Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. If you are looking for treatment you would need to consult with a clinical mental health provider (LPCC, LISW, IMFT, Psy.D, or MD) and see if they offer it or can refer you to someone who does. In some cases medication may also be warranted, in which case you should seek out a psychiatrist who is well acquainted with the treatment of post-traumatic stress. As always, if you are uncertain of where to start you can always go to your primary care physician, or look for a therapist on
Upcoming Events
Still time to register to golf!!
Kindervelt #16 Golf Outing
Monday, June 6, 2022
Clovernook Country Club
2035 W. Galbraith Road
Cincinnati, Oh 45239

For more information, click on link below or Contact Linda at

Downloadable, printable brochure click HERE.
Click on image to see items in the Kindervelt Store.
Kindervelt Krafts
Let's enjoy the summer sitting by the pool keeping our hands busy Krafting! When the fall arrives we will have so many beautiful items to show at our Kraft Shows. Keep those Krafts coming and have fun in the sun! We will also have the gift card station again this year so start asking for gift card donations, $10 preferred, larger is fine too!

Dates of Kraft shows:
October Burger Farm
November 5 Seton High School
November 10 Children's Hospital
Fall Event -"Laughter...The Best Medicine"
Help needed in finding a vacation rental for the Fall Event!
And start collecting items for the event!

I need help finding a vacation rental for an auction/raffle item for the Fall Event “Laughter …The Best Medicine” being held on November 4th.  Once identified, I will work hard to add other items to make the package attractive to attendees and online bidders. It may be a warm weather destination, winter wonderland, big city adventure or a quiet getaway. If you have friends or family members that may be interested in donating, please have them contact me, Kim Lucken, at or 513-708-1932. Thank you for your help!

Link to list of requested group items for The Fall Event can be found HERE.
Save the Dates!
October - Kindervelt Krafts @ Burger Farm, dates to come
October 2nd - KV #56 Triple Crown Craft Fair
November 4th - Kindervelt's Fall Event - JCC 7:00 - 11:00
November 5th - Kindervelt Krafts @ Seton High School
November 10th - Kindervelt Krafts at CCHMC
February 25, 2023 - Pickle Ball Tournament
March 4, 2023 - Let the Good Times Bowl
KV #3 The virus continues to get in the way of our efforts, as our traditional May luncheon was canceled due to a case of Covid in the host house. However, we have installed a new slate of officers for the next fiscal year and look forward to getting back to a full slate of local, regional and citywide events. We will continue our First Friday fundraiser through the summer.

KV #3 Also, huge congratulations to one and all for the amazing $603,000 check presented to the Division of Critical Care and PICU at the Annual Meeting! Seeing all of the contributions added together really drives home the impact our efforts can have, small or large. Very inspiring!
KV #16 We had 15 members attend the Annual meeting and were all so very proud to be a part of this amazing donation! Thank you to all!

We also send a Very Special Congratulatory message to Cindy Burger, our past President and now the new Kindervelt Citywide President. We know that you'll do a fantastic job for Kindervelt, CCHMC and the city of Cincinnati. We're so proud of you! 

And Congratulations and Thank You to Linda Deters who will be planning next year's Annual Meeting and we already know it'll be a great night! Thank you Linda! 
Seated: Cece Kohlman, Lin Wolf, Cindy Burger
Standing: Betty Schuermann, Andrea Beaver Violette, Lori Randolph, Marsha Bernecker, Mitze James, Joyce Warner, Nancy Baumann, Sandy Stadtmiller, Jan Beiersdorfer, Linda Deters, Terri Skogland, Bev Martin
KV #19 “Heritage Regatta” Lunch at the Links 2022 fundraiser was our best Lunch at the Links ever thanks to the hard work of our entire team and enthusiastic supporters!  The numbers have us at $76,871! Of that total, $40,000+ came from our generous sponsors and the rest came from the cash donations, silent auction, and raffles.  

We also want to thank the Kindervelt 19 crew members who worked so hard to bring this event to fruition and our president, Jeanne Reisinger, who ran a tight ship to make this possible. All of them gave so much time and effort to organize the event. We also want to thank the many generous corporate sponsors below: 
Platinum $3000+
Quigley Team at Comey & Shepherd 

Gold Level $1000+
Kathy Francis Interiors
Keating, Muething & Klekamp

Silver Level $500+
Hensley Custom Building Group
Loveland Store-N-Lock Self Storage
Mosaic Design & Build
J & K Custom Homes
Garden Path Landscape & Construction Services
Juszczyk Chiropractic
Diamond Level $2000+
Cameron Real Estate Ventures / Sibcy Cline

Sapphire $250
Lichtenberg Landscaping
Cassinelli Shanker & Baker Orthodontics
Creative Retirement Systems
OHB Group of Merrill Lynch

Friends of Kindervelt
Dr. Meuselbach DDS
Mason Animal Hospital
Luxury Raffle Sponsor
James Free Jewelers of Montgomery
Bourbon Raffle Winner
Karen Conklin
Booze Cart Raffle Winner
Suzy McBrayer (on left)
Luxury Jewelry Raffle Winner
Dianne Juenger (center)

KV #22 members met at Firehouse Grill in Blue Ash for the final meeting of the season. Meeting was presided by Kim Lucken. We wish to welcome Kathy Roth to the role as treasurer and say ’thank you’ to Marla Gross for her 2 years of service as treasurer. Bonnie Finn is welcomed as our membership chairman, replacing Kathy Roth. We also approved our slate of officers for 2022-23, President: Kim Lucken, Vice President: Sue Crosby, Secretary: Gale Mc Laughlin, Sunshine: Liz Faber, Treasurer: Kathy Roth, Membership: Bonnie Finn, Publicity: Amy Rosenberg
KV #29 Redesigning Women sends congratulations to “milestone “ members Barb Steinmetz and Barb Diener on 50 outstanding years of leadership with Kindervelt. And to Tena Kallmeyer on 40 years of dedicated service to KinderKlause Markt and making beautiful crafts. And finally to Cynthia Blocksom on her 30 years as a charter member of KV 29 and for her service as our Secretary/Historian/and Technology expert. 
We also Congratulate our out going City President, Katrina Smith, on her two years of inspiration and optimism during a challenging time. Job EXTREMELY well done!!!
KV #56 sends our summer greetings to everyone, not only in our group but all the groups City-wide. Thank you for all your hard work. $603,000.00 is a lasting gift that will continue to make a difference in the lives of children and their families. Now enjoy the summer!

KV #56 And to Katrina Smith and all her board and committee members, we say THANK YOU for surviving these challenging years and fulfilling our KV mission. Well Done!

KV #78 sends a huge congratulations and Thank You to our member, Katrina Smith, our Citywide President for the last two years on a job well done! You persevered through such a challenging two years. Congratulations on a job WELL done!!
Barbara Fitch Award - Thank you from Bonnie Hueneman
I would like to thank you all for presenting me with the honor of the Barbara Fitch Award. I was so shocked that I forgot to open the lovely gift from all of you. I wanted to share a picture of the beautiful Corinthian Bell Wind chimes. I placed them on my screened in porch, and every time they chime I think of the wonderful things Kindervelt does for Children's Hospital and the friendships I have made. I'm so Blessed.

Together we Make a Difference and believe me you have made a Difference in me.
Thank you! 
Applause, Applause!
Sue Crosby, Deb Young, Kim Lucken, Deb Clerc, Sheila Mulligan and Lis Faber.
KV #22 would like to express our thanks and gratitude to Sue Crosby and her committee for their hard work on the Annual Meeting. Kudos to our members who stepped up for the reveal- Kim Lucken, Sheila Mulligan, Deb Clerc, Lis Faber, Deb Young and Amy Rosenberg. It was a delightful evening, the number was ENORMOUS ($603,000) and the rain didn't bother us one bit at Kenwood Country Club! The gold streamers were a hit for the celebration!
KV #50 Way to go ladies of KV 50! We’re blown away by this total and so excited to share it with you. Huge thank you to our generous sponsors, partee guests and LemonAID for giving us an amazing head start this year. Congratulations to KV 50 on their remarkable contribution this year of $228,142.09! What an impressive contribution that is sincerely appreciated.
KV #56 would like to send our notes of appreciation to all the ladies who helped make our RUN for the ROSES Bunco such a huge success raising $2,150.00. Great job everyone! Thank you also to city wide members who attended!

KV #68 would like to congratulate the winner of their Pedal Wagon raffle, Niki Finley, the daughter of a KV #68 member. We would also like to thank all who supported our raffle and report we made $1199.11.
KV #68 members would like to CONGRATULATE our President, Bonnie Hueneman, on receiving the Barbara Fitch Award. We all know she is so deserving of it!

KV #68 would also like to thank Bonnie Hueneman for hosting our May meeting at her house. Thanks also for the delicious dinner you prepared for all of us. Thank you also to Beverly Rainier and Mary Lou Tallarigo for the yummy desserts. You all went above and beyond!
L to R front row: Wanda Campbell, Beverly Rainier, Pat Wahl, Bonnie Hueneman, Molly Decker, Kathy Olberding, Gail Shaw-Courtney, 
L to R back row: Diane Campbell, Kelly Bollinger, Janet Bretnitz, Diana Peters, Mary Lou Tallarigo, Rita Finley, Kathy Werner. 
KV #68 would like to thank everyone that supported our “May 9th Golf Outing” whether you played golf, sponsored a hole, made a donation, bought raffle tickets or worked the day of the event. It is so important to have all of it to be a success. We tried something new this year by having a dinner after the golf and it was very well received.
The winners for our raffles are: Giant Split the Pot - Cindy Miller
           Reds Diamond Seats - Ruth Wiley
           Bourbon Basket – Jayne Rauh

Thanks to the ladies of #77 for all of their hard work, dedication, and hours put into the luncheon to make it a huge success!
KV #16 Special Congratulations and Best Wishes to Andrea Beaver on her recent marriage to Drew Violette. We wish them much happiness and many, many years of wedded bliss! 
KV #16 Get Well Wishes continue for Karla Sargent as she continues her journey to fight this latest setback. We're praying for you Karla! 

KV #78 wishes Ruth Wiley a speedy recovery from her second shoulder surgery.
June 4 - Vivian Cosio #77
June 7 - Janice Miller #68
June 10 - Sheila Maxwell #78
June 14 - Sally Westendorf #68
June 15 - Kelly McConnell #11
June 22 - Nancy Riedel #78
June 22 - Stephanie Janssen #22
June 25 - Mary Lofty #98
July 4 - Debbie Eilerman #68
July 6 - Ruth Wiley #56 & #78
July 22 - Lillie Moss #77
July 24 - Tracy Smith #57
July 29 - Nancy Morton #78
July 31 - Jane Street #11
Many photos have links to larger images. If you want copies of any photos, please don't hesitate to contact for a full resolution photo.