Kindervelt's 50th Jubilee
Celebrating 50 years of Making a Difference
From the President
“What a year!” When people use this phrase referring to the COVID-19 pandemic it often has negative undertones; a year full of challenges and setbacks. Well, my Kindervelt family, we did it. We changed the narrative. WHAT A YEAR! Congratulations to the entire Kindervelt community for a tremendous job fundraising despite the pandemic. Our gift of $410,000 to CCHMC solidifies that Kindevelt is alive and thriving and nothing can stop us.

It was beyond wonderful celebrating the accomplishments of the year (and previous year) in person at the Kenwood Country Club. Many thanks go to Amy Rosenberg for her fantastic job organizing the Annual Meeting. Congratulations to all the membership award winners who were recognized at the event. It’s so amazing to now have a 50-year member! Special congratulations also to the 2020 Barbara Fitch Award recipient, Char McBrayer! 

I must thank the ladies that served on the board with me this past year. They were wonderful to work with. We now transition to another fiscal year and welcome 5 ladies brand new to Kindervelt leadership. I applaud them for stepping up and serving and I look forward to working with them.

WHAT A YEAR! Together we made a difference! And now we continue making a difference as we embark on our 2nd year with the Division of Critical Care Medicine and the PICU.  

Lots of exiting things will be happening this summer and fall as we continue celebrating our 50th year! Please keep November 12 open to help us celebrate in a big way at the Fall Event: 50th Jubilee.

Have a happy and safe summer!
Katrina Smith
Kindervelt City President
Kindervelt's Annual Meeting
2019-2020 Annual Meeting program at Kenwood Country Club wrapping up the 2019-2020 fiscal year, Bonnie Hueneman's presidency and the 2020 Barbara Fitch award winner, Char McBrayer.
2020-2021 Annual Meeting program at Kenwood Country Club announcing our annual donation and Dr. Erika Stalets from CCHMC.
Did you know Kindervelt has a YouTube channel? Check it out HERE.
“Hearts Filled with Hope” Kindervelt in the early 2000's
by Nancy Groves-VanBuskirk #29
“Hearts Filled with Hope” was the theme of the 2001 KinderKlaus Markt. Sheila Maxwell, 2001 Kinderklaus Markt Chair chose that as her Markt theme in December 2000. Little did she know then how prophetic that would be 10 months later when 9/11 happened. A scary, uncertain time called for “Hearts Filled with Hope.” It was indicative of the decade as well. When we rally together for the positive outcomes in the lives of children, we not only give them hope for a brighter future, but we give ourselves hope as well. Just what we all needed then and now.

The five City Presidents for the decade were - Karen Post, Vickie Taylor, Ginny Myer, Ruth Wiley, and Sheila Maxwell. Our CCHMC areas of commitment were: Division of Adolescent Medicine, Division of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics, and Division of Asthma Research. In 2002 Rich Dineen took over responsibility for Corporate and Foundation Relations at CCHMC, a position he held until his retirement in 2012. Since this included all the hospital fundraising auxiliaries, he became the Kindervelt Liaison to the hospital. Rich not only worked closely with the KV City Presidents but also with Barbara Fitch - one of the KV Founders, a former City President, and CCHMC Board of Trustees Member. He couldn’t say enough good things about her and the other Kindervelt Founders “who really knew what they were doing when they started Kindervelt.” Barb’s enthusiasm, continued support of KV and CCHMC, and sense of purpose is inspiring and is why in 2005, at the suggestion of Rich, the Kindervelt Board of Trustees under Ginny Myer, created the Barbara Fitch Award to recognize members who exhibit an enthusiastic and positive attitude toward the goals of Kindervelt. Barbara Fitch was the first recipient of this award named in her honor.

The early 2000s was a decade of resilience and finding strength. Though it got off to a shaky start, it didn’t derail Kindervelt from its focus on what was important. Membership began to grow, some of the older groups merged and new groups formed. We raised $3,910,000 for our CCHMC Commitments! The KinderKlaus Markt continued as the major city event and by mid decade we changed “Preview Party” to “Gala.” We were also encouraged by Rich to celebrate Kindervelt milestones and so in 2006 we celebrated 35 years of Kindervelt at the Sharonville Convention Center.
A Look Back - Kindervelt in the New Millennium
by Claire Kupferle #3
Moving into the 21st century, the organization faced a shift in the pattern of volunteering, with active neighborhood groups dropping from a high of 72 in the 1980s to 46. However, robust citywide events and a redoubling of efforts by the local groups generated almost $5 million over the first ten years of the new millenium! 
Kindervelt Markt continued to showcase members’ crafts and artistic creations, using annual themes to freshen the look. For example, “Making Spirits Bright” was the theme in 2004, with “Unwrap the Magic” setting the mood for Markt 2005. Local chapters sold everything from baked goods to Christmas trees as they lived up to the unofficial Kindervelt motto, “having fun while raising funds.” 
Early in the decade, Kindervelt directed its fundraising efforts to support the Division of Adolescent Medicine at Cincinnati Childrens Hospital Medical Center (CCHMC). The goal of the Division was to provide increased support not only to adolescents, but also to the healthcare professionals who were treating them. From 2000-2004 Kindervelt raised $2 million to expand these services and provide the highest quality care.
Kindervelt turned its attention to the Division of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics for the next three years, providing funds for evaluation and treatment of newborns through adolescents struggling with developmental or behavioral problems. Also included in the donation was money for community education and professional training. Kindervelt was proud to contribute almost $2 million, allowing for expansion of clinical, academic and research programs.
Because asthma is the most chronic childhood disease, and cases were on the rise, in 2008 CCHMC created the Division of Asthma Research. The medical center turned to Kindervelt to help establish the Kindervelt Chair for the Division of Asthma Research. 
During this period, an annual award was created. The citywide Board of Trustees was looking for a way to honor members who lived up to the KIndervelt tradition of excellence. They named the annual award for Barbara Fitch, a founding member who was known for her positive attitude and great enthusiasm for the work of the organizations. 
Kindervelt weathered internal and external changes during the first decade of the new millennium and was poised to move into the future while building on tradition.
Upcoming Events
Tickets only $40 each
After June 17th, $45
KV #77 Annual Luncheon
Saturday, July 17th
The Manor House, Mason, Ohio

Kindervelt #77's Annual Luncheon is back! In addition to the luncheon, there will be a great silent auction, Jewelry chance, basket raffle, split the pot, wine raffle and more!

More info, contact Brenda at 513-226-6841 or
4th of July Cookie Sale
KV #30 Bakers are Celebrating the 4th
These ever popular, NO-HOLDS-BARRED, cookies are baked from scratch. They are all-butter, using the freshest ingredients, just like grandma made.

Over 40 melt-in-your-mouth cookies. Still only $20 per order. Add $5 for delivery.

Three freezer boxes are decorated for the 4th. A perfect gift or enjoy yourself.

Last Date orders will be accepted - June 25, 2021
Pick-up Date - July 1, 2021 - 1pm to 3pm - 4900 Hunt Road, Lobby, Blue Ash
For information call Marie Tsacalis - (h)984-0408
Place order with: Carolyn Ludwig - - (h)513-527-4350 (c)772-200-1490
Click on the storefront to visit the store.
Kindervelt Store is Now OPEN!
Click on the storefront or access the store from the Kindervelt Website (, click “Shop” along the top menu bar.

Share this information with everyone you know! 

Every purchase supports Kindervelt and the Division of Critical Care Medicine & PICU at Cincinnati Children’s.

If your group has items you would like to sell on the store site, please contact me! 
"Let's Roam" Gives Back
"Let's Roam" is partnering with Kindervelt 78 to donate 60% of your ticket price if you purchase through our link. Their team of explorers has carefully crafted exciting experiences in 400+ cities across the globe. With wanderers like you in mind, they created digitally guided Scavenger Hunts, Bar Hunts, Ghost Tours and more. Each adventure is designed to help you explore, laugh, discover, and connect.
Kindervelt Krafts!
This last year has been very challenging for everyone but we as crafters did a fantastic job. Our final craft total was $34,225.86; what a fantastic job, everyone. My plan for this coming year is to exceed last years amount or at least match it. 

I realize that summer is busy for everyone but when you need a break to relax, do a craft or get together with friends and enjoy each others company and work on a craft. It can be very relaxing. 

For this year coming up we have two dates locked in.
November 6th - Seton High School
December 4th and 5th - Findlay Market

Please mark your calendars. I am hoping to have 2 more venues which will be held in October. I will post the dates as soon as I know what they are.

I'm still in need of a KV Krafts Chair-Elect so if you or anyone you know might be interested please contact me.
Happy crafting!

KV Krafts Chair,
Sue Hammel, 574-202-0347,
Applause, Applause!
KV #16 is so excited to welcome another new member - Mrs. Lori Randolph is joining after supporting so very many of our fundraising projects and she's also Jan Beiersdorfer's daughter so she knows all about "krafting" too and she loves it. Welcome, Lori, we're happy to have you in our group!

We're also so very proud to announce that Cindy Burger, our current KV 16 President, has now been elected to President-Elect for Kindervelt 2021-2022. You will be such a great President and we're so excited to share in your great news and support you in all your new endeavors!

And another big "shout-out" to Anna Davis, for being the top fundraiser for our West Region's 52 Card Raffle! We couldn't have done it without you!
Message from our 2020 Barbara Fitch Award Winner
Thank you to everyone for presenting me with the honor of the Barbara Fitch Award. I have to say to all involved, everyone did a great job of keeping the secret for a year. Don't ever let anyone tell you that you cannot keep a secret! I was so surprised when my name was announced.
We had a very limited timeframe for the Annual Meeting at Kenwood Country Club and also a limited number of attendees permitted to be there. With that said I didn't open the gift of my glass sculpture award. I would like to share it with everyone now in this Newsletter. It is beautiful, very unique and greatly appreciated. I was breathless when I opened the gift and saw it.
Again, thank you. I will always cherish this special moment in my life as a Kindervelt member.
Char McBrayer
Save the Dates!
September 13th - KV #3 50th Anniversary Tea
November 6th - Kindervelt Krafts, Seton High School
November 12th - Kindervelt Fall Event: 50th Jubilee
December 4th & 5th - Kindervelt Krafts, Findlay Market
West Region
"Deck of 52 Card Raffle"
Winner drawn at the May 3rd Zoom Leadership meeting and the winners are The Lawson Kids. They are Bonnie Hueneman's grand kids!

A huge thank you goes out to everyone who purchased raffle tickets. The West Region appreciates your support. Together you helped make a difference.
KV #68 congratulates member Susan Deye and her husband Dave on their new granddaughter born on May 14.

KV #68 Congratulates the winner of their Bourbon Basket, Kent Wahl and the winner of the Giant Split the Pot, Sue Deye.
June 4 - Vivian Cosio #77
June 10 - Sheila Maxwell #78
June 15 - Kelly McConnell #11
June 22 - Nancy Riedel #78
June 22 - Stephanie Janssen #22
June 25 - Mary Lofty #98
July 6 - Ruth Wiley #56 & #78
July 22 - Lillie Moss #77
July 24 - Tracy Smith #57
July 29 - Nancy Morton #
July 31 - Jane Street #11
KV #68 It is with a heavy heart that we sends our condolences to the family of our Kindervelt member Elaine Wilke. We lost Elaine on May 13. We appreciate all the prayers for her.
KV #68 would like to send out a big THANK YOU to Bonnie Hueneman & Diana Peters for heading up our 1st Golf Outing and for all their hard work. A Big Thank You for all the members that helped in any way with the success of our golf outing, whether it was donating items, working that day or baking for it, selling chances, or being sponsors. It wouldn't have been a success without all of the help and support.

KV #56 would like to welcome back Sue Hammel and Debbie Mitsch from their winter in Florida. Thank you, Sue for hosting and setting up our spring craft and bake sale at Triple Crown and to Carolyn Riehle for sharing her garage space for our Spring Tag/Bake Sale at Triple Crown. Thank you and much appreciation goes out to workers and bakers. Again, thanks to Libby Baker for your hard work selling giant jelly beans! Our gift to CCHMC added up to that great year end donation number. Way to go Kindervelt volunteers in all groups!