From the President
Here comes the sun! I think we all are experiencing a little spring fever. I know I am! Kindervelt experienced Pickleball fever this past weekend. Our very first Kindervelt Pickleball tournament was filled with excitement and friendly competition.  A big THANK YOU to Ginny Myer and Sherry Weckenbrock and all the ladies of KV8 and KV45 for working so hard to make this day a success! We’re already looking forward to next year’s tournament and forming Kindervelt Pickleball into an annual event.

As we march into spring, Kindervelt has many activities planned. Let the Good Times Bowl is March 4th. There are a few lanes still available. Don’t hesitate, register today. Go to the link in this newsletter to register and to bid on the unique silent auction items.

Just like St. Patrick’s Day, Kindervelt is proudly displaying the green with our many events around the city. You’re invited to a Bunco Party, Princess Party, Fashion Show, KV Ranch Event and Lunch at the Links just to name a few. You don’t want to miss out on the March Madness Raffle or the Piggest Raffle Ever!

KV Krafts will be hosting a Spring Kraft and Bake Show at the hospital Monday, March 20 from 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. I’m sure you can find that special gift or homemade baked treat to fill your Easter baskets. 

Our nominating committee is looking for members to join our Board of Trustees. Giving your time to a cause you believe in, in order to help others in the process is what it’s all about. Consider taking a leadership role and join us. Together, we can make a difference!

Your friend in Kindervelt,

Cindy Burger
Kindervelt City President
“A cloudy day is no match for a sunny disposition.”
~ William Arthur Ward
Annual Barbara Fitch Award Nominations
The 2022-23 Kindervelt year is more than half over and and we still have much more on the calendar!

One important item is the Barbara Fitch Award nomination process.  This award is Kindervelt's way of recognizing one our own who exhibits an enthusiastic, positive attitude towards the goals of Kindervelt.  Nomination forms and a cover letter which explains the award and past winners can be found on the Kindervelt website under the "Forms" tab.  

The deadline for submissions is April 15. 
The award will be presented at the Annual Meeting on May 16.
Upcoming Events
Let the Good Times Bowl!
Silent Auction is now LIVE!
Last call to grab a lane so gather some friends and come bowling.
All for the kids at Cincinnati Children's
Saturday, March 4th
Doors open at 2, bowling begins at 2:30

Join us for an afternoon of FUN
Bowling ~ Silent Auctions ~ Wine Pull ~ Split the Pot ~ Red Pin Special Prizes

 Prizes awarded for
Highest Team Score ~ Highest Individual Score ~ 1st Turkey Award

Questions, Please contact either:
Suzanne Nemeth: or 513-405-2242
Andi Mapes: or 513-500-3820
Special thanks to our sponsors. Kingpin sponsor - Valerie Taylor and John Finocharo. Our Hook Sponsors - Convergint, and Peck, Hannaford & Briggs, KV #3, and our many lane sponsors - Paul Knecht-TK Elevator Corporation, Jeff Rice-Market President of Cincinnati Metro/Premium Parking, Bob Bear-Directory of CCHMC parking & transportation, Ginny Myer, Katrina Smith, KV #45, KV #3 honoring Sara Pritchard, The Young Family Foundation
KV #30 Bunco Luncheon
Saturday, March 25, 2023
11:00am - 3:00pm
Cincinnati Woman's Club
330 Lafayette Ave.
$30 per person

Lunch - Bunco - Quarter Raffle - Prizes
Register online or call Elaine Snyder 513-520-3410

More information: Marie Tsacalis – 513-984-0408 or
Don't forget your Roll of Quarters SPACE IS LIMITED
Bartending for a Cause!
April 21st, 4pm - 10pm

Kindervelt's West Region Groups have gotten together and created this fun evening. So grab some friends for a night out!
Save the Dates!
March 4th - Let the Good Times Bowl
March 25th - KV #30 - Bunco Luncheon
April 15th - KV #77 - Spring Luncheon
April 21st - Bartenders for a Cause
April 22nd - KV #50 - KV Ranch Fundraiser
April 24th - KV #56 - Spring Bunco
April 29th - KV #19 - Lunch at the Links
May 8th - KV #68 - Golf Outing
May 16th - Annual Meeting
Nominating Committee
The Nominating Committee is currently working to fill the Board of Trustees positions for the fiscal year 2023-2024. Please take a few minutes to look at the Qualities & Requirements by clicking on the image for Board Position descriptions.

Would you be interested in talking with me about one of these positions? Or maybe you know someone that is a member of your group or city member that would be a good fit? If so, please contact me, Bonnie Hueneman at
Pickleball Wrap-up
KV #8 & #45 A big THANK YOU! To the Pickleball Committee, groups 45 and 8, all the volunteers, Mitch Dunn (Cincy Pickleball Club), Keith Henize, & Kelly Bollinger, and our wonderful sponsors….we could not have done it without everyone helping. Please acknowledge our sponsors if you have dealings with them….Presenting Sponsor: Baird/Loth Group. Dink Sponsors: Crothall, Amy Getgey Comey & Shepherd, Design to Market and Ann Lafferty First Community Mortgage. Court Sponsors: LaRosa’s (Wyoming), Wyoming Air, BMW North and Grove Architect. Thank you to all the players…see you next year!
Thank you to the Loth Group at Baird Investments. L to R: Sherry Weckenbrock, Mason Loth, Mike Loth, Brandon Maxwell, & Ginny Myer.
In Memorandum - Lynda Thomas - June 1942 - January 30, 2023
Lynda joined KV #5 Mt Healthy in 1973, then moved to Blue Ash #28 before joining KV 29 in 1993.

Lynda had a great sense of humor and a “can do spirit” that propelled her to accomplish great things. Her younger son was born with Spina Bifida and she had diabetes which led to her eventual blindness, but none of that stopped her from doing what she loved to do - helping others and bringing beauty to the world - a common trait of Kindervelt members.

She was a business woman who owned and ran a flower shop called Blossom in Blue Ash in the 1980s & 1990s. She believed in helping others and so volunteered and eventually was elected to the boards of several charities - People Working Cooperatively, AIDS Volunteers of Cincinnati, The Cincinnati Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired, The Juvenile Diabetes Foundation, New Thought Unity Center, Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park, and The Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Film Commission.
As a result of her steadfast commitment to these charities and Kindervelt - Lynda was the 2012 Cincinnati Enquirer Woman of the Year. ( Note that Sharry Addison and Ann Bullock, both KV City Presidents were also winners of the Enquirer Woman of the Year.)

Lynda lived a life full of fun and dedication that never stopped when she lost most of her vision in 2000. She was a loving, caring person who will be missed by her legions of friends and the organizations she generously supported.
This 2008 photo taken at a KV 29 Tea Party has the following people:
Seated: Debbie Bohem and Lynda Thomas
Standing: Sonja Payne, Barb Steinmetz, and Gigi Casky
KV #3 has been hard at work getting ready for Let The Good Times Bowl. Group member Andi Mapes is co-chair with Suzanne Nemeth and has been doing a great job rounding up sponsors and items for the silent auction. KV #3 support for this event is strong, with member Val Taylor and her husband becoming Kingpin sponsors of the event, and other members purchasing a lane in memory of long-time member Sara Pritchard.

We continue to raise money monthly by selling food and craft items to members of the group each month, and spent a good part of the February meeting brainstorming other money-raising ideas, such as a wine tasting event and coin jars. 

Mimi Dyer is on the Nominating committee and said anyone interested in a Board position should see her. There are openings in several areas, so we could find a good fit for a variety of talents.

Our next meeting will be held at Element Eatery on Medpace Way. We will make sure to fill out a project form for this off-site event! 

KV #19 The Kindervelt 19 ladies are hard at work in the final stages of planning their Lunch at the Links event. This year's theme is Run for the Roses and will be at the Heritage Club April 29. March 18 you will be able to get tickets to the luncheon and our raffles, so mark your calendars! Click on flyer above!.
KV #22 Held our February meeting at a new local pizzeria in Blue Ash called Mac’s. Tasty food and great space in a party room! We welcomed 3 potential members and got caught up on Citywide news. We also send smiles and laughter to Jackie Kirkpatrick and Perri Schenker!

KV #77 is busy preparing for their spring luncheon and fashion show. So glad we can once again host the fashion show. We also enjoyed our latest haul form our "Koins for Kids" box, yes that is a $20 bill in the mix.
KV #16 Thank You to all our members for all their hard work and success in recent projects -- Krafts, Bake Sales, Neighborhood Luminary participation, Rheingeist Brewery and our Bengal Sweater raffle. It takes each member's participation to make all these fundraisers so successful for CCHMC. Thank You KV #16 Members!

KV #45 sends kudos to our Kindervelt husbands who worked the Pickleball Tournament graciously. Way to go, men!!

KV #68 would like to extend a big THANK YOU to Diana Peters for hosting our February meeting and to Kathy Werner for supplying the delicious desserts.

KV #68 would also like to thank everyone that supported us in the Super Bowl Split the Pot. We had three pages of "players". The winners for each quarter are: Quarter 1: Jenny Fallon, Tom Fish & Debbie Mayes.  Quarter 2: Kelly Bollinger, BFK, Marty P.  Quarter 3: Fran Acito, Jeanine Chaney & Diana Peters.  Quarter 4: Kelly Bollinger, BFK & Marty P.  There were 36 change of score winners.
KV #29 are sadden by the loss of a long time member Lynda Thomas. We will all miss her loving compassionate nature, dedication to those in need, and love of the arts. And yes we do miss her fabulous Christmas parties - what fond memories. KV 29 is setting up a Kindervelt memorial fund for Lynda.

KV #30 Condolences to the Bavely family for their loss of Jane Bavely on January 31st. Jane was an active member of Kindervelt. She belonged to Groups 47, 43 and 30. Jane loved baking for our bake sales and working on crafts for her groups. Jane also held many offices in all of the groups she was in. We will miss Jane!! 
March 1st - Niki Meiners #22
March 2nd - Michelle Cooney #22
March 2nd - Ann Jonson #30
March 8th - Katrina Smith #78
March 8th - Nancy Groves VanBuskirk #29
March 9th - Holly Poissat #22
March 10th - Ellie Moffat #22
March 11th - Jane Garfield #22
March 13th - Gail Bowler #30
March 15th - Ellen Jackson #29
March 16th - Karen Benne #77
March 17th - Marge Duffy #68
March 19th - Carrie Conlin Royalty #29
March 19th - Rita Finley #68
Understanding Psychiatric Emergencies 
Kyle Caldwell, M.Ed., LPCC-S
As a mental health clinician working in the emergency department, this is the time of year where we begin seeing an increase in the number of patients coming in for psychiatric evaluations. Many of our patients are being referred to us by their schools, therapists, pediatricians, and even the police. Despite the large volumes of patients arriving to due to psychiatric concerns, the vast majority of them are being discharged with a plan to follow up with their outpatient providers. In my experience, many of these patients are not necessarily having psychiatric emergencies but rather do not know what else to do, or where else to go. I would like to spend some time comparing the difference between Psychiatric Emergencies and Psychiatric Non-Emergencies.

Psychiatric Emergencies
Simply put, a psychiatric emergency is when a person has become a danger to themselves or others in the community. A common example of this would be teenager who has been having increased suicidal thoughts, has developed a plan, and has the intention to act on it. What makes this an emergency is the nature of the threat being imminent. The parents of the teenager taking immediate action could mean the difference between life and death.  Of course, the degree to which the teenager is willing to share enough for parents to make an informed decision may vary, in which case the parents can call 988 (National Suicide Prevention Hotline) or the Psychiatric Intake Response Center (513-636-4124) here at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital in order to get further guidance.   
Now, there are certainly other situations that may constitute psychiatric emergencies that are not as obviously related to imminent danger such as psychosis and mania. Psychosis is a condition that could be best described as someone experiencing a break from reality. This may include auditory/visual hallucinations, disorganized thoughts and speech, psychomotor agitation, and sometimes aggressive behaviors. Mania is a symptom usually associated with Bipolar I disorder and may look like someone having racing thoughts, pressured speech, and decreased sleep for days, grandiosity, and sometimes even delusions. In such cases, a person’s behavior can become very unpredictable and very impulsive making an ED visit warranted.  

Psychiatric Non-Emergencies
It’s hard to make an exhaustive list for situations that are not necessarily emergencies so instead I’ll try to offer up some relevant examples. We have a lot of patients being referred for things like self-harm, angry outbursts, destroying property, parent-child conflict, disruptive behavior, anxiety, etc. In cases such as these I would not recommend immediately referring a child to the ED, but rather first making a phone call to consult with a professional. I would suggest reaching out to the child’s primary care provider, therapist or psychiatrist, if they have one. If they do not, or they’re unavailable, you can call the Psychiatry Intake Response Center. We can help triage the problem to determine if it needs to be addressed in the ED or not. In many cases, an appointment can be made with our Bridge Clinic to evaluate these issues in an outpatient capacity. They can also help with offering outpatient resources for follow up. Another great option is Best Point Behavioral Health mental health urgent care (5051 Duck Creek Rd, 513-272-2800). They can offer mental health assessment and intervention on a walk-in basis. Lastly, most counties have a Mobile Response and Stabilization Service – mental health providers who can come into the home to provide psychiatric assessment of your child. Simply call 988 and describe your concern.