Kindervelt's 50th Jubilee
Celebrating 50 years of Making a Difference
Save the Date: November 12, 2021
From the President
It’s welcome back time; our so-called summer hiatus is ending and our second year of fundraising for Critical Care and the PICU is in full swing!  I use the word hiatus loosely because even though most groups don’t meet during the summer months A LOT of Kindervelt things still happen. As a new Board member recently realized and stated, “Kindervelt never sleeps!”

It was wonderful meeting in-person again with the new Board of Trustees on Aug. 30th and I look forward to seeing all the group presidents at our kick-off Leadership Meeting on Sept. 13th!

Project forms are coming in assuring us that lots of planning is happening for some fun activities.  The fall is always such a busy time of the year, so I can’t thank you all enough for squeezing in the extra time to fulfill Kindervelt obligations.
Over $77,000 was raised by this LemonAID stand! Congratulations and a big THANK YOU to both the Weidner & Zerbe families.
Speaking of “squeezing,” I must mention sincere thanks to KV 50 member Hillary Weidner and her friend Amanda Zerbe for their work this past week helping their children run the 3rd Annual LemonAID stand which supports CCHMC.  This year they announced the proceeds will go to KV 50 and support our division!!  What an amazing job they did and thanks to everyone that supported the project too!

Enjoy the last few days of summer and bring on all the fun Fall activities remembering that we are making a difference!
Katrina Smith
Kindervelt City President
The Founders’ Vision of Kindervelt -
An Interesting Look at Our Beginnings
This excerpt is taken from an article written for perhaps a brochure or publication about Kindervelt in 1971-1972. I found it to be very interesting and wanted to share some of it with you. So enjoy! - Nancy Groves-VanBuskirk

“Kindervelt" - Now there is an odd-sounding word. What does it mean?
Kindervelt is German for Child’s World.

But what is it? First of all it is quite new, so possibly you‘ve never heard of it. As late as fall, 1971, it was only a gleam in the eyes of a small group of enthusiastic women who wanted to start a different kind of auxiliary to raise funds and spread the good news about Children’s Hospital Medical Center.

And Kindervelt is different... so different, in fact, that you can forget all you’ve ever known about hospital auxiliaries.

Kindervelt is made up of many small groups of women doing their own thing to raise funds for Children’s Hospital Medical Center. “Doing their own thing” means each group selects projects or events which the members truly feel would be right for their own situation, and above all, FUN.

The key word is “fun.” Kindervelt members do not, for instance, go door-to-door soliciting funds for the Center. That’s no fun! Instead, they brainstorm various ideas until one really clicks. And that’s how fun projects are born.... The sky’s the limit. If it can be dreamed up, some Kindervelt group will do it. Projects need only be in good taste and are subject only to the approval of the general projects Committee.

It Takes All Kinds
What kinds of people form Kindervelt groups? All kinds. Kindervelt seeks the participation of women from all parts of the Greater Cincinnati area, all ethnic and religious segments of the community. Kindervelt groups are most easily formed by women with common interests. Many are friends from the same neighborhood. Some are wives of men who work for the same company. Others form offshoots of existing groups — women’s clubs, PTAs, church groups and the like. All have a deep interest in the welfare of children.
  • The average Kindervelt group has 20 members - some more and some less. Like most things in Kindervelt it is up to the groups to decide.
  • Each Kindervelt group has its own chairman, vice chairman, treasurer and whatever other officers it feel are necessary. The overall Kindervelt organization has a general chairman and the general officers who play a coordinating role.
  • Kindervelt members pay dues of $2 a year. One dollar is kept in the group’s special bank account as “seed money”. The other is sent to the Kindervelt general treasurer.
  • Kindervelt funds are turned over to the Trustees of Children’s Hospital Medical Center each year and used at the discretion of the trustees to meet the needs of the Center.

What New Members Think About Kindervelt
“To be in on the “ground floor” is like having a new baby. We all want to see it grow.”

“Because we all have busy lives - being in a neighborhood group where we can meet casually in each other’s homes and use our limited time for fun projects.”

“Kindervelt is something we thoroughly enjoy and a great way to help children. How can you not be turned on by that combination?”

"Everyone likes to get in on a good thing and Kindervelt groups are springing up all over town.”

Kindervelt like Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center has grown and evolved over these past 5 decades, but as you can see we have remained true to our core purpose and values.
Development of Nursing Simulation in the PICU
Kelly Ely, MSN, RNIII, CCRN, CNL & Kelly Collins, BSN, RNIII, CCRN, CPN
A few years ago we noticed that there was no structured curriculum for simulation in the PICU, but there was in other care areas. There is compelling evidence that simulated based education (SBE) is an effective way to assist learners with new concepts, develop clinical skills, and enhance critical reasoning capacity. SBE allows providers to receive consistent training in safe settings without the risk of injuring patients (Cook, et al, 2011). We wanted to provide this learning opportunity for our nurses.  We took the low fidelity simulations that existed in orientation, updated them and built upon them to compliment the learnings from the critical care residency curriculum.  We partnered with the Simulation and Research Center, to become trained in debriefing and trained to use high fidelity simulators. 

As we were implementing these simulations into orientation, the pandemic made everything come to a halt. We were faced with a low patient census, low acuity, no in-person educational opportunities and a large number of nurses needing training for the new critical care building opening in November of 2021. Once it was safe to start in person training again with COVID restrictions, we provided the 36 nurses with simulation that was missed during orientation. In addition, PICU nursing leadership asked senior nursing to develop an action plan to meet the needs of these clinicians. High fidelity simulation and clinical coaching were two of the interventions implemented from this support group.  A needs assessment was conducted to build simulations to cover topics that nursing identified that needed more education and training on. Every nurse with less than 2 years of experience (56 nurses), received this training supporting the needs identified in the assessment. They also received planned mentored days with a clinical coach, which involves a senior expert nurse coaching bedside nurse’s 1:1 on nursing care and critical thinking. We are currently evaluating these interventions, to build additional programing for continued needs. 

As things start to get back to our new normal, every nurse, as part of their orientation goes through multiple high fidelity simulation days focusing on safety, medication administration, nursing process and critical thinking.  This provides them a safe space to ask questions, practice skills, care for specific patient populations they might not have the chance to care for during orientation and run through crisis scenarios such as codes. 

In addition to nursing simulation, an interdisciplinary team training curriculum was created and implemented.  This is a four hour training that is mandatory for all staff to attend, that focuses on processes in the PICU, the reasoning behind our medical interventions and communication between team members (RTs, MD, APRNs, Fellows and nursing). 

Moving forward and into the critical care building, there will be simulation provided focusing on orientation to the new space, normal care processes, patient move and crisis training. These will begin in the early fall.  

Through anonymous evaluations of the simulations provided, nursing has reported increased confidence after simulation. They have reported improving various nursing concepts, as well, such as time management, prioritization and safe medication administration. They have reported satisfaction from these days. Here are some quotes directly from our nursing staff, “I have appreciated having the opportunity to practice high stress situation in a low stress simulation”, “days like today is nice”, “I don’t see these patients much and I appreciate the safe environment to learn about these complex patients” and felt it was “safe to ask questions”.  We hope to continue this program in the future and keep building upon the foundation we have started.
Suicide and the Importance of Words
By Regina Vogt, LISW-S
September is Suicide Awareness Month. Fortunately, the stigma surrounding suicide and mental illness has decreased over the years as many public figures have begun speaking openly about their mental health struggles. It is important to check in with our children on a regular basis regarding their emotional state. Studies have shown that discussing suicide does not increase the likelihood of an individual attempting suicide; rather, acknowledging and talking about suicidal thoughts can help to reduce those thoughts (National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, 2019). When discussing suicide and mental health, it is important to be thoughtful with our word choices; we may be unintentionally using language that perpetuates negative stereotypes of individuals with mental illness. 
If a child you support discloses thoughts of suicide, it is important to ensure that they have the support they need.  Help the child connect with their doctor or mental health therapist to share concerns. If you’re concerned that the child is in immediate risk of suicide, call 911 or Cincinnati Children’s Hospital’s Psychiatric Intake Response Center (PIRC) at 513-636-4124. Individuals in crisis can also call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255) or contact the Crisis Text Line by texting “TALK” to 741741.
Upcoming Events
KV #8 Survivor Football
Kindervelt #8 Survivor Football is back for 2021.  NFL Survivor Football will test your skills by picking one winner each week among all the NFL teams that are playing that week. Sounds easy and it is!!  You can participate this year by clicking the link on the left. All details are on the registration page. Once registered, you will receive a confirmation email to join the private group and start picking your teams.  Deadline for sign up is Thursday, September 9th at 8:00 pm.
KV #12 Annual Golf Scramble
Sunday, September 19th
Majestic Springs Golf Club
Registration & Lunch 12:30 Tee Off: 1:30
This includes 18 holes of golf, cart and lunch. Chances to win prizes for:
Longest Drive, Closet to the Pin,

Click on flyer for full size version.
KV #56 Boo Bunco Party
Monday, September 27, 2021 6:00pm
Wilder City Building
520 Licking Pike, Wilder, KY 41071
$20.00 per person prepaid
(we accept PayPal, Credit Cards, Venmo & Checks)
$25.00 per person at the door
Reservations by Sept 25th--limited to first 96 people
KV #8 Road Rally for the Kids  2021
Join Kindervelt #8 for our second annual, family friendly “Road Rally for the Kids” 2021. Each driver, navigator and friends/family in the vehicle will go on an Observation Rally with a route to be followed with clues for directions and clues to answer questions during the rally. Mark your calendar for the afternoon of Saturday, October 23rd to begin your adventure at the 12:30 pm starting time.  Vehicles are limited to 50 so please register early.  The starting location is Sundin Fields at Heritage Oak Park in Mason. After reaching your destination location you will join us for an after party with food and games. Registration is only $40.00 per vehicle.
Kindervelt Masks available at the Kindervelt store!
Click on the image above to visit the store.
Shop the Kindervelt Store!
Click on the image or access the store from the Kindervelt Website (, click “Shop” along the top menu bar.

Share this information with everyone you know! 

If your group has items you would like to sell on the store site, please contact me! 
"Let's Roam"
Gives Back
"Let's Roam" is partnering with Kindervelt #78 to donate 60% of your ticket price if you purchase through our link. Each adventure is designed to help you explore, laugh, discover, and connect.
A few of KV #78 members participated in a "Let's Roam" hunt back in May. We had a ball! Here we are completing a challenge during the "hunt."

KV #68 will be selling chances on a “Radio Flyer Wagon Full of Toys.”  It will be raffled at the KV Krafts at Seton High School on Saturday November 6th.

They will also be selling chances on a “Wagon Full of Cheer.” It will be raffled at the Fall Event celebrating Kindervelt’s 50th Anniversary on Friday, November 12.

Chances are $5 each, 5 for $20. For more information, please contact Bonnie Hueneman at 513-235-1122 or

Special, one of a kid piece of jewelry to be raffled off November 12th at the 50th Jubilee. More info to come!

Wine tasting party for 24 at Neal's Design Remodel to be raffled off November 12th at the 50th Jubilee!

Online sales will start soon!
Kindervelt Krafts!
Ladies! Ladies! Ladies!
It's a new Kindervelt Kraft year and I hope everyone is excited for what the year can bring. Let's all work together to make it a very successful year!

Here is what we are asking from each group:
  • A donation of $40 in Gift Cards - 4 cards at $10 each.
  • New to Krafts this year is a Split the Pot Raffle. We would like each group to sell 42 tickets at one for $5 or six for $20. Our goal is to sell 1000 total tickets, giving the potential of a $1600 payout or more! Tickets will be distributed at the September Leadership Meeting. All money, stubs and unsold tickets must be returned at the November 1st Leadership Meeting. Winning ticket to be drawn at the November 6th Kraft event at Seton High School. You do not need to be present to win!

Other ways your group can contribute:
  • Off course we are always looking forward to your quality hand made crafts and delectable baked goods.
  • Consider a Group Raffle. Think about a "hot" item or an inexpensive basket such as Lottery Tickets or a Handy Helper theme.
  • Volunteer!! We are always in need off workers at the various events. Please keep an eye out for the SignUp Genius link coming soon.

I'm here to answer any questions so feel free to contact me!
Sue Hammel, KV Krafts Chair, 574-202-0347,
Save the Dates!
October 2nd - Kindervelt Krafts at St. Simon
October 16th - Kindervelt Krafts at Burger Farm
November 5th - KV #16 Bunco Party at Lakeridge Hall
November 6th - Kindervelt Krafts, Seton High School
November 12th - Kindervelt Fall Event: 50th Jubilee
December 4th & 5th - Kindervelt Krafts, Findlay Market
KV #49 sends their deepest condolences to Cathy Cody on the recent loss of her dear mother Eileen Flynn. Cathy also recently loss her sister Claire Flynn, in addition to losing her Aunt Nancy. Much love, warmth and prayers from your KV #49 family.

KV #45 is mourning the loss of our dear friend and member, Mary Barnes, aka, Mess. She will be sorely missed.
September 17th - Terri Mitch #56
September 18th - Teresa Hoying #22
September 28th - Laurie Halmi #78
September 28th - Joy Rich #56
September 29th - Kelli Green #22
September 29th - Linda Lunceford #56
KV #22 extends a HUGE thank you to our own, Deb Clerc and all the volunteers at the ATP! You are valued and appreciated especially in this time of pandemic and ridiculously high heat and humidity! You are champions in our world!

Some of our tennis volunteers! Thank you to all who volunteered!
KV #16 wants to congratulate Cindy and Jim Burger on the birth of grandchild #8 - Everett James Schutte, born 8/14/21, 12:34 pm, 9 lbs., 2.6 oz, 21.65 inches and as Cindy has shared with us -- "He's Perfect!" Enjoy this precious new addition to your family!

KV #22 Congratulations to Kate Moody who has welcomed a new grand baby into the family!

KV #49 Wedding bells are ringing! KV #49 member Barb Knox will be tying the knot with Peter Wiedmann on October 2nd. Family wedding celebrations began on August 28th when Barb's son Eric married his beautiful bride Libby in Denver. Congratulations on both joyous occasions! 
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