September 4, 2020

Dear Northern Light Community

At the end of our first formal week of distance learning instruction, we are filled with immense gratitude to everyone – families, faculty, students, and supporters – who helped make this school year possible. 

The challenge seemed enormous and too big to bear: how do we deliver on Northern Light’s commitment to educate the whole child, foster community, and develop change-makers, without being able to do the work in person? 

How do we cultivate a sense of joy, wonder, and possibility when so much of our work happens at a distance? The answer to this question doesn’t lie in fancy plans and proposals, but in dedicated and caring teachers committed to reaching the hearts and minds of every child, no matter how difficult. 
Here are just a few small but inspiring anecdotes from the first week of distance learning:
  • Ms. Lindsey, our Middle School Humanities teacher, teaching 6th graders about the impact of segregation on housing, employment, and public health through a mixture of multimedia resources, small group discussion, and real-world problem-solving. 

  • Ms. Miller, using a document camera and a mini whiteboard to help 2nd grade students learn how to compare numbers, all with a mixture of warmth, encouragement, and individualized attention for each child’s unique learning style.
  • Ms. Gee, celebrating the passion of two Kindergarten students, and creating a breakout room on Zoom so the kids could discuss their shared passion for anacondas.
  • Our pre-school teachers working around the clock to design activities for children in all areas of their development, all while hosting read-alouds, birthday circles, interactive Spanish lessons, and more. 
These are just windows into minor and major triumphs happening across the board –despite the inevitable “can you hear me now?” moments, audio delays, and tech constraints. These triumphs are no small thing – and reflect the passion and commitment of our incredible faculty, families, and students.
Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend,

Dr. Roy
Head of School 
Northern Light School
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