“Socially Distant but Spiritually Connected”

Pastor Jim mentioned his favorite hashtag throughout social media was “Socially Distant but Spiritually Connected.” How appropriate is this? I would say it is a perfect response to our community, and with the Neighborhood Connection Groups we just activated, we are Spiritually Connected. Thank you to the leaders and co-leaders who have been helping us to make this happen. We couldn’t do it without you!!

The spoken messages of comfort and updates Pastor Jim Graeser and Beth Taylor have provided us during our live stream worship services has given us a sense of peace and reassurance that we will get through this. Harold is having virtual gatherings with the youth, and Kerri has been creating virtual ways for those interested in studying the word. All of our staff continues to be working behind the scenes to keep our church functioning, keeping our building safe during our absence, and our production team is working very hard to bring us our services online. 

Thank you! Thank you to everyone!!!

I ran across this prayer that I thought was worth sharing:

Lord, we pray that you would set our minds at ease and our hearts on fire to pray to you. Help us to push the stress aside and help us to maintain an attitude of optimism and peace during this dark time. Fill us with supernatural peace that surpasses all understanding and guard our hearts and minds. In Jesus name, Amen.

Michelle Hild
Council President

“and the peace of God, which transcends all understanding,
will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:7

Adult Ministries Director, Kerri Macy, and Pastor Jim convened the first virtual new member orientation. On Sunday, April 19, we received these new members into our fellowship! This is a great example of how our ministry has not stopped just because our facility is closed. And, we are continuing to grow even during this time of physical distancing. When we once again come together in worship, we can all welcome these new members in person: Debbie Blacketer, Rachel Chewakin, Monica Czausz, Veronika Czutor, Charlie & Theresa Goodman, Lisa Hines, George Kimari & Naima Lyimo and their son, Bryce Kimari (1), Chris Mendezona, and Karen Montgomery .
Young adults, Children's education, youth Confirmation, staff meetings, council meetings, the list goes on and on. KOG members are staying in touch. If you would like to be a part of a small group meeting online or wanting to participate in an online Bible study, contact Kerri Macy.

A special Thank You to all who worked to make our first ONLINE-ONLY Good Friday service and Easter Sunday worship wonderful experiences with over 300 households logged in to watch.

Thank you Marilyn Cupp for the altar setting for both services. Thank you Monica Czausz, Josh McGuire, choral scholars; Victoria Kerr, Michaella Prussack, Marcus Rodriguez, Sam Nolte and cellist, Kyle Rosenquist for the beautiful music. Thank you to Ross Weir and Lynn Sullivan for their technical support and to Pr. Jim for his inspiring sermons.

Your continued generosity keeps King of Glory in a great financial position. We started the year with $176,000 in prepaid pledges, which was unusually high and likely due to "bunching" donations for tax purposes. We received another $126,000 in January and $125,000 in February. Both were low in comparison to average months, but were the result of large prepays. Then in March, COVID-19 hits the U.S., and we start to work and worship remotely. Still, your support totaled $135,000.  We give thanks for the fortuitous financial position we were in before COVID-19 became the new reality. The sale of the house and the two special gifts eliminated our debt, both internal and external and provided a comfortable cushion for this turmoil. And in the midst of the pandemic, your support means we do not have to tap into reserve funds.  So, thank you for your continued generosity!
Our staff continues to work remotely, behind the scenes; however, they can. For some, they are working harder than ever. For others, it's an enforced respite. Therefore, the King of Glory leadership has chosen to support our employees with full pay and benefits through at least April 26. We expect to continue this support but decided to make such approvals every 2 to 4 weeks.  
For those who are wondering how to give offerings, you can still write checks and mail them to the office. We have put emergency procedures in place to timely secure and process contributions you send. You may also give online at or click on the "online giving" tab at the top of the website. Or you can set up BillPay through your bank. We even have Venmo (use @kingofglory).

We are in a very different time right now, and the reaction to this ministry has been heartwarming. Members are very appreciative of the check-in phone calls, as well as those who have offered to help whenever needed. One member is planning to have their son write notes to the elderly members in their neighborhood just to say someone is praying for them. There have been numerous other suggestions the leaders are acting upon, and if there was ever a time for our community to feel connected, this is that time. We are blessed by all the volunteers who have jumped in to be Leaders or Co-Leaders to help you feel that connection. When we can be back together as one community, our social gatherings will begin, then you will have the opportunity to meet the people who live around you.
Do you need or would you like:
• Do you need groceries picked up?
• An errand run because you cannot get out?
• A simple prayer for you?
• If you live alone and would like to be part of a text message group to receive a daily check-in?
• To pray for our neighborhood?
• To be added to the church prayer list and/or just our neighborhood prayer list?
• A call or visit from a Pastor? Contact

We only have three Neighborhood Groups who do not have leaders. Please help us in making our NCG complete. 

If your leader has not contacted you, call the Neighborhood Connection Group Coordinators,Michelle Hild at 972-342-0726 or Vernell Shuey at 214-478-6106

As Pastor Jim indicated, we are extending our online worship through April. The right decision, though disappointing, our King of Glory staff is creating meaningful services. Please take advantage of all the online worship opportunities.

The decision around one combined service upon our return is an exciting opportunity for King of Glory to celebrate as one body, prior to a return to a two-worship-service schedule in the Fall. The conclusion of our relationship with the early jazz ensemble creates an unknown however, we can look forward to what these changes will bring and what may unfold from this opportunity. These changes bring new hope and new perspective about how God is calling us to worship and serve....and we must have, as Pastor indicated, “faith and trust… whatever God has in mind for us”.