Kingdom Giving Update January 4, 2017
Bond Issue Opens to Support Liberty Baptist (Harrisburg) Expansion, BFI Scholarships being received, new Savings Rates Announced for January
BFI Bond Issue Opens to Support Liberty Baptist in Harrisburg Expansion
Liberty Baptist (Saline Association, Harrisburg, Rev. Ron Reed, pastor) has experienced significant growth in recent years, resulting in a need for greater fellowship and discipleship space.  BFI Bond Issue 2017A has officially opened for $145,000 to provide for a new fellowship hall and classroom space.  The Bond Issue is sold in $1,000 units.  Rates are below:
  • 1 Year 1.25%
  • 2 Year 2.25%
  • 3 Year 3.0%
  • 4 Year 3.6%
  • 5 Year 4.25%

A complete prospectus can be downloaded here and returned to our office.

The bond issue will close on February 28th or until fully subscribed.  Call with any questions you have at 217.391.3102.

BFI Bonds are designed for conservative savers who wish to utilize their savings to help build Illinois Baptist churches.  They are secured by a first position mortgage in church property.

BFI Scholarship Applications are now being received at  The deadline for scholarship applications and all supplemental materials is midnight on January 31st, 2017.
  • Associates' Students are $1,000
  • Bachelors $2,000
  • Seminary $175/credit hour up to 15 hours/year
It is estimated that BFI will award approximately $78,000 in scholarship awards during the upcoming year.

At left, 2016 recipient Kayla Casey is presented a scholarship from BFI Trustee Steve Hull.  Kayla is now a student at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.
Each month BFI releases updated saving and investing rates.  BFI Custodial Investments range from a Long Term Fixed Income (for both individuals and churches) account which produces a steady net 5%+ yield to term investments (for churches), which function similarly to a CD and may be as short as 30 days.

BFI also manages Cash Management accounts (paying a .75% yield) which is immediately accessible.

All BFI asset classes (to include BFI Bonds) may be managed as a Traditional or Roth IRA.
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