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Winter, 2022

Here's the latest news from Kingswood Campsite.



Volunteers Make Kingswood Run

by Cheryl Winship

As many of you know, but some may be learning, Kingswood is a nearly all volunteer run organization. Two key groups are managers and volunteers.

The year round administrator is a ¼ time paid position; the summer Program Director and Lifeguard are paid. Other than that, we are all volunteers. The site director, myself, is a volunteer role, as is the treasurer. All supplies are ordered by volunteers; all construction is done by volunteers; the maintenance of all the fields, trails, boat and swim areas, and campsites, yes that’s done by volunteers. too. If you are getting the idea that the volunteer group, all 200 of them, are proud of what they accomplish, you are right. Their efforts are what continue to make Kingswood affordable. In a world where the wealthy have great access to nature while others have less, Kingswood provides opportunity for all.

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Booking a Campsite

The easiest way to book a site is to go to  

  1. Click on the box 2022 Rates and Reservations
  2. There is a large black button. Click on it.
  3. Book Your Site opens in a new window.
  4. Read the statement in the pop-up...

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Volunteer Spotlight: Interview with Stephanie and Justin

December 26, 2021 

Written by Sandi Stratton-Gonzalez 

If you want to get in touch with your spirit, and the Spirit, Kingswood is the place to go.” Stephanie Millien 

Stephanie Millien and her sons Justin and Max have been camping in Kingswood (KW) for over 12 years. Max, who just turned 13, has literally been coming his entire life. Justin, now in his early 20's was in 3rd grade when he and his mother Stephanie were introduced to the camp by Justin’s friend Mike Cavanaugh. Starting with their first visit to Cove, they have now stayed at ...

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Youth Retreat

by Rachel Bortin

The weekend will be a time of connecting with peers, with oneself, and with God utilizing Kingswood as the backdrop. During these hectic and uncertain times it is important to take time to reflect in a safe and supporting atmosphere and this is the perfect event to do so.

The youth group will have the entire Kingswood property to themselves...

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Meet the Administrative Team

Fall 2021 began with a new administrative model for Kingswood. The job behind the scenes to keep Kingswood moving forward for the next season is massive. It is now shared among four people. 

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There are still dates available to rent the Farmhouse this winter and throughout the spring. Contact Lynn Grainger for availability via phone or text at (607) 301-0640‬. You can also email Lynn at [email protected].

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Summer Programming Plans

It’s planning time for summer programs. There are a few things we will need to provide campers with creative opportunities. Please see what you can contribute. You can bring the items on SetUp Weekend or early in the camping season. If you have any questions, reach out to Lynn Grainger at (607) 301-0640‬.

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Quinipet Camp & Retreat Center is our sister camp located on Shelter Island. Quinipet offers day and overnight summer camp for children ages 5-16 and retreat space for groups. We also offer pastoral retreats at no charge to active NYAC ministers. 

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