August 7, 2022

Contact: Jessica Beemer (832) 393-3008
Kingwood Burglar Suspects Caught and Charged in Southwest Houston
HOUSTON, TX - Mayor Pro Tem Martin is proud to let Kingwood business owners and residents know the burglars which burglarized and vandalized twenty-four businesses last weekend have been caught and arrested. Mayor Pro Tem Martin included information about this criminal activity in his August newsletter released on Friday. There were three black male suspects arrested by Houston Police Department (HPD) Officers on the Southwest side of Houston. These suspects were arrested as part of an ongoing investigation, which stemmed from the Kingwood Burglaries. After arrests, Kingwood investigators were able to get sufficient evidence for charges.

Two of our Kingwood HPD officers were successful in getting confessions directly related to the break-ins in Kingwood. The Commander of the Kingwood Division was also successful in getting good information from these criminals which will be passed on to the businesses impacted and at the upcoming HPD - Kingwood Division Positive Interaction Program Meeting.

Thank you to all HPD Officers involved in this investigation which led to successfully identifying and arresting these criminals. This is great news for the Kingwood Community. The next HPD Kingwood Positive Interaction Program (PIP) meeting, will be held on August 17 at 7:00 p.m. at the Kingwood Church of Christ (2901 Woodland Hills). These meetings are currently being held in person and are always open to the public. This meeting happens monthly on the third Tuesday if you'd like to attend in the future.

Mayor Pro Tem Martin is happy to continue to support local law enforcement through providing overtime funds as well as the purchase of FLOCK Safety Surveillance Cameras which over the next few months will be installed in both the Kingwood and Clear Lake Communities as a way to catch criminals as they attempt to flee from any crime scene. These cameras catch images of all vehicles entering and exiting a community allowing specific cars to be identified that may be connected to crimes, alerting local law enforcement of a criminals whereabouts. These cameras have proven to be successful even in instances where license plates have been removed or paper plates are being used. To learn more about these cameras please see the presentation provided to the City of Houston Public Safety Committee here.
These cameras are available for purchase by the public and can work with the cameras being purchased by the District E Office. If you are an Homeowner's Association representative and would like more information regarding the purchase of these cameras for your specific community, please reach out to the District E Office. Furthermore, a request for additional patrol officers has been made and a meeting between Mayor Pro Tem Martin and the City of Houston Police Chief has been set.
Kingwood is a safe and close-knit community, our Houston Police Officers host and attend community meetings on a regular basis open to the public and the District E Office encourages your attendance. If you'd like more information please contact the District E Office by emailing