February 5 , 2020

Contact: Jessica Beemer (832) 393-3008

Kingwood Storm Water Line Inspections
Houston, TX - City of Houston Mayor Pro Tem Dave Martin would like to make Kingwood area residents aware the Kingwood Storm Water Line Inspections are continuing and have been improved. Moving forward,  Houston Public Works is taking special care in their method as it pertains to inspecting critical junctures within the systems.  Most inspections already conducted have been clear, with only a few spots  in need of debris removal. Those areas with debris located within the lines have been addressed, prior to moving on to the next neighborhood, by using specialized equipment and confined-space personnel to remove the debris. To date, n early 150,000 linear feet, which just about 30 miles, of storm water line have been inspected.
The communities that have been completed are as follows: Elm Grove, Hunter's Ridge, North & South Woodland Hills, Bear Branch, Forest Cove, Greentree Village, and Kings Crossing. This week, Houston Public Works has started on Kings Point. Houston Public Works is now projected to complete one community each week. When a community is finished photos from their storm water line inspection are posted to  Council Member Martin's Facebook Photo Albums. If you see Houston Public Works crews conducting an inspection please take the time to say "hi" and see what they are working on.

Houston Public Works is working through villages in Kingwood that were impacted by Imelda based on the number of homes impacted. This project is expected to be completed by June 1, 2020, weather permitting. Prior to Houston Public Works moving in to a new community our office will work directly with the HOA to make them aware of the impending storm water line inspection.
The District E office encourages the community to be a part of the solution through participating in the City's Adopt-A-Drain program. Shout out to those that have already adopted and named their drains in the Kingwood Area that include: Big Bertha, Maleficent, Shrader's Drain, A1 Signs, Lil Bandingo's Drain, Botta Boom Drain and many more! There are lots of drains and plenty of naming opportunities for residents, businesses, and community groups to take advantage of in the area while helping to decrease debris in our drainage system. 

Other ways residents can help out are to make sure trash cans don't tip over before they are picked up, ensure that yard clippings and leaves are disposed of properly, gutters are clear before bad weather and never throw trash or other items down drains or inlets.