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Kintsugi: Broken Ceramic is Better than New




Lakeside Pottery offers Japanese ceramic repair: Kintsugi


Wood fired bowl restored with gold

Japanese kintsugi repair method:

Most of our ceramic and sculpture restoration customers would like the damage to their broken item to be concealed and hidden by the repair making it "look as new." An alternative to masking the repair could be a restoration in which the damage is incorporated into the aesthetic of the restored item and becomes artistically "better than new." This sometimes adds value as in the Japanese kintsugi repair method (more about kintsugi). This option is often a less costly repair than our "invisible" (Mid or Best Levels) restoration offerings. Best candidates for the kintsugi style repair are: Far east antiques china and pottery, wood fired pottery, Raku and Bonsai pots or trays.



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Wood fired bowl before kintsugi repair

The translation from Japanese of kintsugi means "golden joinery" or, "to patch with gold". This technique transforms broken ceramic or china vessels into beautiful works of art using gold with lacquer or epoxy to enhance breaks or the attachment of shards and in so doing giving an aesthetically pleasing and unique way to repair broken pottery. Gold is not the only color of kintsugi repair. Other powdered metals can be used as well, including silver, brass, bronze or copper. The color of the gold can varied from matte to shiny.


"Mending Cracks With Gold", what can we learn from a broken teapot?
Kintsugi, as the practice is known, gives new life to damaged or aging ceramic objects by celebrating their frailty and history. One can consider how we might live a kintsugi life, finding value in the cracks, missing pieces and chips - whether it's the scars showing how we have lived, finding new purpose through aging and loss, see the beauty of  'imperfecation' and love ourselves, family and friends despite flaws.




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After repair
Before repair





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