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Today we share a sneak peek from a recording session for our upcoming album, titled Tea for Three (Çay ji bo sê in Kurmanji Kurdish, چه اي له سيه in Sorani Kurdish).

This recording took place in 2021 in a southeastern province of Turkey called Mardin. Mardin is deep in the Kurdish region of Turkey, where Kurdish is a common language. This song, titled Kirasê Te (Your Shirt), is sung in Kurmanji Kurdish, the primary Kurdish dialect spoken in Turkey. This song is about a beautiful woman and the beautiful clothes that adorn her, including an exquisitely adorned shirt that "smells of lemongrass".

Tea for Three is an album of traditional Kurdish songs sung by Mücahit Poyraz, who also plays santoor, bağlama and sitar. He is joined by Ameen Mokdad (Iraq) and Kevin Bishop (USA) on several other instruments.

The album will be available later in 2022, following a tour of live concerts by the trio in the Kurdistan region of Iraq.

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February 7, 2022

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