The Kirby Creek Press | March 27, 2020
Kirby Creek Village
Kir by Creek Village Association Manager: Angela Beené

972-644-3801 x-110
Please make sure to use extension 110 to speak with your KCV manager.


Below is an important communication to all owners at Kirby Creek Village from your Board of Directors concerning the issues we face within our Community regarding COVID-19.

Hello Neighbors! 
The Board of Directors wanted to take a moment to reach out to all of Kirby Creek Village and give you an update on our current situation. 
The current medical crisis affecting our nation, combined with the Shelter-In-Place order from Dallas, Tarrant and surrounding counties, has put us all in an unprecedented situation. Fortunately, the current guidelines consider the work done by our management team to be “essential” so our community manager, Angela Beené will continue to be able to be in the office a few days a week to check mail. Additionally, she is also logging in to her computer from home and does have access to email and voice mail. Matt and Jennifer, our onsite Pool and Clubhouse Managers are also able to work to keep the facility in running order. The Board has put in place some measures to try to help assure their safety, as well as the safety of all of our homeowners. 
We have instructed Matt and Jennifer to not allow any owners or vendors inside the Clubhouse, Pool, or Tennis Courts at any time. This is to help ensure their safety and yours, as well as protect the Association, of which we are all members. If Matt or any of our vendors are onsite working outside, we ask that you observe the current CDC guidelines and leave at least 6 feet of space between you and them.
Angela, Matt and Jennifer as well as our Vendors do so many things for us, and are often able to respond so quickly to common area concerns. Please be aware that during this time, that type of immediate response may not be possible. Often the Association must go out and purchase supplies to conduct repairs, or hire specialists to help with a repair. Stores have limited their hours, some have limited supplies, and specialists are in high demand and face other limiting factors of their own. As always, the Board wants the needs of the Association to be met as quickly, efficiently, and professionally as possible. However, we all need to understand that there may be delays and additional challenges during this time. Please be RESPECTFUL to BFMC personnel, On-Site personnel and vendors and appreciate the fact that they are still out here, working hard, and putting themselves at risk for our benefit. We all need to exercise patience and kindness as we encounter problems. 
The number one issue that arises at Kirby Creek Village are grounds related. In this time where we as a nation are trying to stay healthy and safe please keep in mind as you are walking the grounds with your family or pets to please make sure you are discarding of trash and dog feces in the proper receptacles. 
Angela does a great job of letting our homeowners know what is happening and keeping us all up to date via the newsletter and the website. Please check your email and the website often, as she will update us any time there is an issue that has arisen in the Association. 
The Board has also been informed that the BFMC Property Management offices are closed to outside visitors during this time. All communication with the management team should be conducted via email or over the phone. The clubhouse will also not be available during this time, and our pool and tennis courts will remain closed. 
As you enjoy the community when out walking, give a friendly “hello” to your neighbors, just do it from at least six feet away. Let neighbors finish getting their mail out of the cluster boxes before you step up and get yours.  Also, please make sure you are putting ALL your trash out ONLY on your established trash day, and make sure the trash bags are secure to prevent loose items from blowing through our neighborhood. 
We have heard about several people offering to help neighbors who cannot or should not be out during this time. If you need help please feel free to contact the Management office and they will do their best to point you in the right direction. Please keep in mind that emergencies are to be directed to the Grand Prairie Police Department via 911. For informational assistance you can call 311 for Dallas County and 817-884-1212 for Tarrant County.  
While this is a stressful time for many, I know that the homeowners of Kirby Creek Village will handle this challenge with dignity and respect for all.
Board of Directors, Kirby Creek Village Home Owners Association
Estelle Supernor
Andre Gomez
Thomas Turner
For up to date information from the City of Grand Prairie, Dallas County Health Department, Tarrant County Health Department, the CDC and the WHO please click on the links below.

Thank you for your patience, we appreciate your partnership in helping keep our association safe, and we wish you good health during these unprecedented times.
Important Information
BFMC Property Management
8111 LBJ Freeway, Suite 835
Dallas, Texas 75251
Phone - 972-644-3801
Fax - 972-644-3810

E lectrical Emergencies
Call Oncor 1-888-313-4747
(24 hours, seven days a week)

All Emergencies: 911 (Fire/Police)
Fire: 972-237-8300
Police: 972-237-8790
City of Grand Prairie
**In the event of an emergency please call 911. The Association is not equipped to handle emergencies including, but not limited to, criminal and medical situations.**

The Kirby Creek Village Website has a Classified Ad section which is available at no cost to KCV homeowners in good HOA standing. Please contact BFMC for more information.
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