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Kirby Creek Village
Kir by Creek Village Association Manager: Angela Beené

972-644-3801 x-110
Please make sure to use extension 110 to speak with your KCV manager.
Ongoing Common Area Maintenance
After Hours Work on Property

We have received a few emails concerning after hours work being done on HOA property by the pond and dog waste stations. We had some work scheduled this week on one of our waste stations which includes concrete setting. Kirby Creek Village onsite staff has confirmed the digging and setting of concrete planned for this week was completed during daylight hours. There was no digging being done after hours and the hole was in fact dug and the post set in concrete around noon Friday December 27, 2019. We are working this specific waste station because we have received many complaints from owners asking it be moved.
That specific dog waste station has been cemented in the ground three separate times/areas over the past six months due to those complaints. We have moved it numerous times to try and find the best location for it to be placed but also used. 
My onsite staff did advise they were out on property last night/over night making rounds checking on the project and cleaning the surrounding area. He does like to keep a close eye on any projects that are actively in the works because we have had numerous tools stolen. He also makes several visits during the day and night since teenagers often hang out at the pond and leave litter behind.  

Due to the misuse of this specific waste station we are currently working on what can be done to provide a proper trash receptacle in the area. My staff does keep to their schedule of cleaning them out during the week, and he does go by extra times during the holidays and summer season and we are still seeing an influx of non dog waste being disposed of in this specific waste station.
While out and about by the pond you may see a single post with no additional items attached at this time, the rest of the station is built and is going to be installed on that post very soon The weather has obviously played a role in the delay today. At this time all stations will remain where they’re located as we work to find a resolution for trash around the pond area. 
We do appreciate all owners taking the time to reach out to make sure our on site staff are working to keep the area clean and beautiful. We are working on an improvement plan and installment schedule that we can publish to owners throughout the year. We still advise that if you see suspicious activity to please call the police.

Landscape Update

Our landscape vendor has been out over the past two weeks working on the common areas. The association had some irrigation repairs done so that we can better water the beds by the clubhouse. The vendor informed us that he pruned back all of the roses, mulched all the way around the clubhouse, turned and cleaned out the beds, planted sixteen flats of pansies in the beds at the sign and at the front of the clubhouse. The two beds on the side entry of the clubhouse by the pool gate were only mulched since there are roses in them for the spring and summer. Our vendor noted that the plants blend into the mulch color and once the flowers get settled they will being to bloom. He also gave them blood meal which is a very good organic material that will assist in getting huge blooms and works as a good pest repellent. Below are some images of the work in progress and final product.

The 2020 HOA Annual Assessments notice was mailed out in November.

Each owner is subject to an Annual Assessment that is due and payable on January 1st each year. This year the Board approved in increase amount to $305.00.- the Board did approve the $20.00 discount if paid in full postmarked by 12/31/2019.
Rent the Clubhouse for Your Next Event!
Holidays $175/Day
Security Deposit $600
**Accounts must be current and in good standing**
Contact our offices for more information!

The update below regarding clubhouse security deposits was voted on and approved at the August 2019 Board meeting, a notice was sent out via the Kirby Creek Newsletter on August 23, 2019 as well as posted on the KCV website via updated documents.
Important update: The Board of Directors voted at the August 2019 Board meeting to update the terms of the Clubhouse Use Agreement. All clubhouse security deposits will be cashed upon receipt of signed documents The security deposit is refundable after your rental IF there is no breach of contract noted. You will be notified in writing by the Association Manager regarding the status of your deposit. Please allow up to ten business days to receive your refund. Onsite Pool and Clubhouse Managers do not have access to this information and cannot assist you in the process. All inquiries regarding clubhouse security deposits must be submitted in writing via email or USPS to the Association Management office.
City of Grand Prairie Current Water Restrictions
To keep the city’s water supply at a safe level and to comply with the city’s whole sale water purchase contracts, the following restrictions apply at all times:
  • No watering between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m.
  • No watering on Wednesday, Saturday or Sunday.
  • Even numbered addresses may water on Mondays and Thursdays.
  • Odd numbered addresses may water on Tuesday and Fridays.
  • When watering, a constant stream of water should not be allowed to flow into the street drainage.
  • Watering during precipitation is prohibited. Rain sensors are required on newer watering systems.
  • Handheld and soaker hoses are allowed to be used any time.

Report Water Restriction Violations During Regular Business Hours: 
Report Water Restriction Violations After Hours: 

The City of Grand Prairie Upcoming Events
Farmers Market
8:00 AM - 1:00 PM  
Location: Farmers Market

Low Cost Pet Vaccination Clinic
12/28/2019 1/4/2020 1/11/2020 1/18/2020 and 1/5/2020
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM  
Location: Prairie Paws Adoption Center
Christmas Tree Recycling
Recycle your natural Christmas tree at the following drop off locations

Dec. 26, 2019-Jan. 9, 2020:
  • Charley Taylor Parking Lot, 601 E. Grand Prairie Road
  • Parkhill Park Parking Lot, 5100 Block of S. Robinson Road
  • Grand Prairie Landfill, 1102 MacArthur Blvd.
City of Grand Prairie New Development Updates

Commercial Developments
Kalterra  consisting of approximately 90,000 square feet of retail commercial, 20,000 square feet of restaurants, two multi-story office buildings, two hotels, approximately 250 units of multi-family, and 96 townhome units at SH 161 and Forum Drive. 

The Gibson  consisting of 199 multi-family units and 12,000 square feet of retail commercial, a redevelopment of the former Gibsons near the corner of W Pioneer Pkwy. and S Carrier Pkwy.

Bardin/360 Mixed-Use  consisting of 90,000 square feet of commercial, including a 70,000 square foot cinema, and approximately 400 multi-family units at SH 360 and W Bardin Rd.

Riverside Hotel and Apartments  consisting of a full-service hotel and conference center, retail and multi-family, near the existing Riverside Golf Course at SH 360 and Riverside Pkwy.

Residential Developments
Avilla Heritage  consisting of 140 for lease single-family units at Forum Dr. and Sara Jane Pkwy. 

Mariposa Westchester  consisting of 90 age-restricted independent living multi-family units at S Carrier Pkwy. and E Polo Rd.

Mayberry Gardens  consisting of 90 assisted living units along with memory care at 540 E Polo Rd.

Developments Under Construction
Texas Roadhouse  consisting of an 8,200 square foot restaurant at IH-20 and Sara Jake Pkwy. 

McDonald’s  reconstruction at S Great Southwest Pkwy. and Outlet Pkwy.

Staybridge Suites  hotel at IH 20 and Lake Ridge Pkwy.

Approved Projects
Presidium  consisting of 290 multi-family units on an infill lot near SH 161 and Hill St.

Elevation ONE SIX ONE  consisting of 312 multi-family units at the southwest corner of Forum Dr. and Robinson Rd. 

Royalton  consisting of 300 multi-family units at SH 161 and Forum Dr.
Lynn Creek Apartments  consisting of 278 multi-family units at SH 360 and Lynn Creek/Mildred Walker Pkwy.

Lakes at Grand Prairie  consisting of 137 age-restricted multi-family units at SH 360 and Doryn Dr.

McDonald’s  reconstruction at W Pioneer Pkwy. and Corn Valley Rd.
No Trespassing
Please keep children, pets and motorized vehicles away from the edges of both ponds. The large pond is deep and the slopes are steep. If you see anyone camping or fishing near either pond, call the police. Trespassing is against the law.

Signs are posted around both ponds to reduce KCVA's liability in the case of accidental injury or drowning.
Important Information
BFMC Property Management
8111 LBJ Freeway, Suite 835
Dallas, Texas 75251
Phone - 972-644-3801
Fax - 972-644-3810

E lectrical Emergencies
Call Oncor 1-888-313-4747
(24 hours, seven days a week)

All Emergencies: 911 (Fire/Police)
Fire: 972-237-8300
Police: 972-237-8790
City of Grand Prairie
**In the event of an emergency please call 911. The Association is not equipped to handle emergencies including, but not limited to, criminal and medical situations.**

The Kirby Creek Village Website has a Classified Ad section which is available at no cost to KCV homeowners in good HOA standing. Please contact BFMC for more information.
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