October 18, 2019
The Formula Funding Workgroup completed its work, and approved a 10-year plan to advance state and local school funding. The county obligation is complicated to measure – it’s tallied as $1.2 billion above “current funding trends” but even more above current law’s mandated funding requirements. Conduit Street has your complete coverage.
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This year's theme, "Building for the Future" will focus on county governance challenges and best practices – from the foundation to the rooftop – that will decide Maryland’s future. Topics to be discussed include school construction, clean energy infrastructure and solar siting, “The Blueprint for Maryland’s Future,” medical cannabis in the workplace, land use and zoning, long term traffic safety planning, and engaging with constituents.

Conduit Street Podcast Corner:
With this week’s adoption of the funding plan details for the Blueprint for Maryland program, we break down the eventual county costs – and place them into a context with current law, in addition to current trends. We estimate the new mandated county costs at $1.9 billion in FY 2030 dollars – about $900 million more than the DLS-forecasted costs of the fully phased-in Kirwan plan, in FY 2030 dollars, as presented to the Work Group.
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Counties In Action
Harford Public Library Unveils Children's Sensory Room in Abingdon, Oct. 21
Queen Anne's Gears Up for Make a Difference Day on Nov. 2
Wicomico Second County to Consider Balloon Release Ban

Corporate Partner Corner

MACo's Platinum Corporate Partner WWT highlights the importance of next-generation meetings as part of an overall collaboration strategy.

Professionals in today’s economy belong to multiple teams, each with their own timelines and projects, and collaborate with coworkers in different locations around the world who may be working in an office or from home.

Because of this, meetings — for better or worse — take up more time than ever on our calendars.

Meetings are critical to enabling workforce productivity . On the flip side, unproductive meetings can cost companies millions of dollars each year, can make or break a customer’s perception and even help retain or recruit new employees.

Conference room technology has come a long way. Incorporating next-gen meetings — the convergence of voice, video and web conferencing into a single, unified platform/experience — can help deliver a quality experience across each of those fronts.

WWT has deep relationships with OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) and lab capabilities in the Advanced Technology Center (ATC) provide customers the ability to test, integrate, compare and understand new features and OEMs, while delivering confidence in the solutions deployed.

Request a workshop with WWT's experts to gain an understanding of the the leading team collaboration tools available today and determine which one is right for your business.

For more information on next-gen meetings, visit WWT's website.

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