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October 30, 2017
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Kissing on the Doctor
 Dr. CarolMarie

Oh goodness!  "Why am I kissing and hugging on this doctor?", I ask myself!  This was the doctor who had done my eye surgery. So, I knew him, but I certainly did not feel I knew him well enough to be acting like this!  I love to dream and have many dreams.  But in doing so, I have learned two important things:  "pay attention to the dreams, but also remember that dreams are symbolic".  Very rarely are dreams literal and they are not to be comprehended with a logical mind.  Many times, they are not understood right away so it is good to write them down and let God unfold them when the time is right.  In my case, usually the purpose of the dream is so that I will pray for the person in the dream.  (You can't go wrong if you do that!)
Interestingly, this doctor had come to my mind several times and I had lifted him up in prayer.  In fact, I saw in my mind's eye giving him a quilt made by a widow and prayed over by many of our ladies. Yet, I wasn't sure why I was getting this impression. 
With this dream on the shelf and a prayer in my heart for the surgeon, I had a conversation recently with another doctor.  While we were talking I mentioned the surgeons name and was amazed at the response.  "You need to pray for him!"  As we talked I learned this surgeon's teenage son had committed suicide!  No wonder I was kissing and hugging him in my dream!  He needed to be covered with loving prayer!  In the Book of Solomon, which represents the Lord's actions towards us, it says, "Let Him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth".   These words, referring to the kiss can also be translated, "intimate or loving words".  In my dream I was releasing loving prayer over him from the heart of God.  In doing so God was giving him comforting hugs from Heaven!
No wonder I saw myself giving him a quilt that had been covered with prayer.  His whole family needed to be covered!  The "Great Comforter" (quilt) wanted to minister to them!
At times we can misunderstand dreams!  If we take them literal we can go off in the wrong direction or give others wrong advice!  I know of a lady who had a dream in which she had a baby!  In the natural she always wanted to have a baby, but due to a health issue, she had to have a hysterectomy!  I believe the dream meant that she was to birth the plans and purposes of God.  God wanted to use her "mother's heart" to help others. Unfortunately, she misunderstood the dream and she became very disappointed. She felt God had given her false hopes and she became bitter. It resulted in the loss of her marriage. Years later when she remarried she had the opportunity to help raise a nephew with her "mother's heart".
If I had misread my dream, I could have felt I was falling in love with my doctor when really God wanted me to pray for him and release His comfort!
Proverbs 25:2 explains, I believe, why God speaks to us in dreams.  "It is the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honor (or glory) of kings is to search out a matter."  He wants us to search it out!  (In the Book of Revelation, we are called kings and priests.)  There is honor, glory, or "kabode" (as it is pronounced in the Hebrew), when we search it out!  "Kabode" is God's weighty presence!  As I look up scriptures and pray into my dreams, I experience His presence even greater because He unfolds His heart and gives direction!
I receive the "kisses" from Heaven on my life instead of me "kissing on the doctor"! 
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