Five Common Kitchen Renovation Mistakes

Five Common Kitchen Renovation Mistakes

As the heart of your home, your kitchen serves as more than just a place to prepare meals. Whether you are cooking or entertaining, your kitchen should be a masterpiece that is both beautiful and functional. Avoiding these common pitfalls of kitchen design will help you whip up a space that is a work of art.
Open Storage Overload
The airy design of open shelving and glass-front cabinets can add a simple elegance to your kitchen. But remember to be realistic about the amount of "stuff" you want to leave exposed for everyone to see.
Before making a final decision on cabinetry, determine how much you can truly keep organized for display-and dusted.

Out-of-Order Ordering
First things first, and in kitchen design this means appliances. By selecting them first, the non-negotiable dimensions of appliances become a non-issue, since cabinetry can be easily customized to meet your size needs. This also gives you the advantage of choosing the exact models of appliances you would like, instead of having to compromise to fit the dimensions of your cabinets.
Forgetting Functionality
The Bermuda triangle may be a mystery, but the kitchen triangle shouldn't be. This invisible triad refers to the spaces between your sink, stove and refrigerator.  Ease of navigation is key, so ensure that your layout will enable you to easily access these main components of your kitchen. Each should be within reasonable proximity of one another and accessible without incurring obstacles such as kitchen islands.
Insufficient Storage Space
Large or small, storage is the one thing that seems to be in short supply in nearly every home, kitchens included. The secret to creating ample storage is strategic planning. Utilize every square inch by installing ceiling-height upper cabinetry, incorporate a Lazy Susan and, if it suits your design style, hang a stylish pot storage rack above your island.
Underestimating Garbage Volume
No one wants to think of themselves as "trashy." But, face it, even the most frugal and eco-conscious of households tend to generate their fair share of refuse. So while the garbage can may not be the most glamorous element of kitchen design, it is an important one.  For proper waste management, try installing two extra-large trash bins or use multiple bins in one drawer to contain recycling and/or any overload you many have.

For most homes, the kitchen is perhaps the most complicated room to create or renovate. But the secret ingredient for successful kitchen design is thoughtful planning mixed with creative design. No matter your taste, by sidestepping these common mistakes you can create a kitchen space that is a recipe for success.

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