Kitchen Sanctuary  

As June approaches, I'm pausing to reflect on the past 10 weeks since New York went into lockdown. T his experience has made me beyond grateful first for my health and next for some special moments while sheltering in place, most of which included making and sharing great food. There have been good days and bad
(especially when our dishwasher broke-no joke!). The kitchen has become my sanctuary during COVID, a safe and happy place in an uncertain world, a place to get creative, turn up the music, cook and share some hospitality at home.
Whether you're an uber-foodie or convenience junkie, the kitchen has been a key room in the house during quarantine.    
 Breakfast is Back  
We created "Conference Room A & B" in the confines of a medium sized NYC apartment. Pre-Zoom breakfasts together kick off the day in a healthy way.
Insight: If working remotely continues, breakfast may become a far more important part of the day as we will not be rushing out the door with a smoothie in hand.   
Semi-homemade special  
We got by with a little help from our friends at Trader Joe's with store-bought taco shells, a fun food accessory to add to our homemade medley of  beef, garlic, cumin and chili-powder. 
Insight: store-bought ingredients make prep easier and can add an entertaining  component to everyday meals. 
As much as we love discovering new packages in-store, we
will be ordering online in the future. There's no going back, it's just too convenient.  
Especially for specialty artisan foods, which have become a small indulgence during the quarantine and a way to self-treat.  
Insight: How can your company reimagine the presentation of direct -to-home deliveries?  For example, imported food gives us the chance to explore the world while travel is on hold. Why not bring the world home with branded touches?  


Coq Au Vin reduced with vintage port offers aromas of sweet spice.    
Takeout Trendy 
Iconic restaurants went dark for a couple months in May...
...thankfully, some are now delivering in style with cool, complimentary 
cocktails for summer.  
Insight: Restaurants may not open indoors for a while, however with some imagination and creativity, they can still offer a fabulous experience that is less formal, fun yet still special.   
Check out this chic Central Park picnic to go from my client, Maison Pickle!
Kitchen of the Future  
More cooking at home brings up some interesting possibilities for the future.  
Check out this excerpt from Forbes:  
"Everything And The Kitchen Sink" 
As more people work from home (WFH), home kitchens will function as office kitchens, too. Those who WFH often find themselves meandering out of their home office and into their kitchen to brew a cup of coffee or eat lunch while answering emails. A kitchen arrangement that lends itself to a cafe feel will become increasingly popular.  
Let's reimagine the future of food together.  
Please contact me at michelle@joyfulplate.com. 
We look forward to your continued partnership!  
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