How are you doing? Managing work from home, financial strain, new family dynamics and unfamiliar demands can cause understandable amounts of unexpected stress. Resisting the craving to gather just adds an undercurrent of loneliness, even if we're all going through this together.

You're not alone.

Isolation from community and upended access to resources cause increased vulnerability to all of us, and especially families in recovery. By adapting our resources at Rise Recovery, we make sure you stay supported. We offer the following social distance-friendly support for you or someone you know.

24-hour Recovery Helpline | 210-927-4644
Do you need guidance on what community-based resources could help with a substance-related issue? Give us a call and we'll offer you a number of Bexar County-wide resource options specific to your need.

Tele-Peer Support | 210-227-2634 | 12:00 pm to 6:30 pm
Recovery support is just a call away. Rise Recovery staff welcome calls from the general recovering public. Please call to connect directly to our peer recovery support staff. If you get our voicemail, please leave a message so we may call you back.

Services for Current Rise Recovery Participants |
We are hosting services via video-conference, text and phone, around the clock. Virtual support groups, phone-based peer support sessions, and video education will help our loved ones stay connected to recovery. Want to get involved? Send us an email so we can get you started.
How Can You Help?
·    Be it $10, $100, or $1000, we seek immediate financial support. Funds will not only help us purchase webcams and necessary software to serve remotely, but also help us maintain services through the summer. Help us meet our $250,000 goal. Please donate now .
·       Please friend/like/share our resource updates from our social media pages. The more people know what is available, the sooner we can find them help. Find us through the social media links below.
·       In this isolating time, our direct staff have a responsibility to be at the top of their game. Your words of encouragement lift their sails.

Thank you for helping us keep the light of recovery on!