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It is Summer on Cape Cod, what a wonderful place to be. Kitchen Tech is open and we continue to offer reliable services during these uncertain times. We have adjusted our way of meeting with clients, more one on one masked meetings and lots of digital conferences. Our electricians, plumbers and painters are also adjusting their way of working to be able to safely provide their top notch services

 As always, we are here for you by phone or email.  Our Sandwich location phone number is 508-888-2494 and the Eastham office number is 774-316-4760. Our email is Please remember to call ahead to schedule a meeting time.

Wishing you all good health and wellness,

We are so honored to win the Best of Sandwich award for Kitchen Planning and Remodeling service 2020. This is our fifth year in a row winning. We at Kitchen Tech are proud to serve our Sandwich friends and neighbors, and look forward another great year.

 Kitchen Tech, in collaboration with Appropriate Homes, has opened a new design center in Eastham . The address is 4205 State Highway Route 6A in Eastham unit 7, phone number 774-316-4760.

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Designing a Small Kitchen

Tiny homes have become very popular in the last few years. When the recession hit people were burdened with large mortgages. This inspired some homeowners to turn to a simpler and less costly way to live.  If you aren't ready to sell your house for a 1,000 square foot tiny home, a more modest downsized house might be a better fit for you.

Small spaces still can have room for big designs. When planning a design for a small space, you have to take into account efficiency and maximizing style. For a space challenged kitchen maximizing storage is key.

When starting to design any size kitchen, layout is important. You want to make sure your stove, fridge and sink are easily accessible. There should be usable counter top space by each appliance.  Smart storage is always a must have for home owners. Both large families in spacious homes and retired couples who have downsized are always looking for ways to cleverly add storage.

Spice Racks in drawers and cabinets allow items to be organized and not waste valuable pantry space. Take advantage of all the nooks and crannies in your drawers and cabinet space with these smart products.

Roll out shelves make it easy to see what is in the very back of a pantry.

Redesigning this unused closet into a modified butlers pantry gave the homeowner a more usable space. Using glass doors on the upper cabinets helped break up the solid look of the cabinets. Mixing in open shelving and glass cabinets will help make even the smallest kitchen look open.

Lighting in a small kitchen can make or break the space. Dark lighting can make it look eve smaller than it is. Ceiling flush lights will add to the brightness of the room. Adding task specific pendant lighting over an island or even over a sink is a way of adding another element of design to the room.

Stone Counter tops

Picking a counter top material is a major design decision for homeowners. The most popular choices are marble, granite and quartz, but which one is best for your home? All natural stone counter tops will need some level of care, be sure to do your research on which one will work best in your space.
Marble Counter Top

The classic look of marble is a timeless choice. It is heat resistant and the most popular colors are in varying shades of black, white and gray. It is a naturally porous stone, so it can be stained easily, even with a sealer on it. This means that spills need to be quickly cleaned up.  Marble's most popular finish is a polished look, but is also available in different finishes like leathered and brushed.

Granite Counter Top

Granite is a popular choice for counter tops, it is very durable and requires less maintenance than marble. It comes in a variety of colors and shades. Granite does need to be sealed when it is installed, Kitchen Tech offers a 15 year sealer on our installed counter topsGranite is a harder stone than marble and is more resistant to stains and chips.

Quartz Counter Top

Quartz counter tops are an engineered product, they are created by mixing crushed quartz and pigments to color it and held together with a binder. This gives the material the look and feel of a natural stone. This also allows there to be a large variety of looks and styles.  Quartz designers are able to create marble looking quartz that can fool even the most discerning eye. This man made process also makes quartz counter tops extremely durable. They do not need to be sealed and are extremely stain and scratch resistant. Quartz is usually the most cost effective choice for homeowners.

 Summer Savings

When you purchase a full kitchen in July and August, Kitchen Tech will give you a free custom base pull out spice rack.

Featured Recipe
Southern Style Green Beans

2 pounds fresh green beans
4 slices of bacon
1 1/2 cup chicken broth
Salt and pepper to taste

Cook the bacon slices in a large pan until slightly crispy and save about 2 tablespoons of the bacon grease. Crumble the bacon and set aside until the end of the recipe. Add the chicken broth to the pan and add the green beans, cook at a low boil for about 15 minutes. Drain the green beans and add the crumbled bacon, salt and pepper and bacon grease.



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