Spring 2021
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In this edition you will:
  • learn what's trending in kitchen and bathroom tile work
  • find options to soundproof a room or your whole house
  • get to know more about Michaela Jones
  • get spring cleaning ideas
  • get ideas to upgrade a balcony that will make neighbors jealous
  • get a recent customer testimonial and more.
Learn what is behind current trends and see examples of our tile jobs.
Home renovation trends have been impacted by the past year. Specifically calming colors and styles are very popular. Colors reminiscent of nature are also trending because of all the time we spent inside during lockdown. This trend of bringing nature indoors is known as biophilia, which is another way to say we want to connect to nature and other life forms.

Many parts of your house can be soundproofed, such as doors, walls, ceilings, and floors. There are also many different ways to soundproof with varying levels of effectiveness for varying types of noise. The methods that work best for blocking high pitch noises do not work well for low pitch noises. This is because high pitch noises mostly move through the air, whereas low pitch noises move more through vibrations.1 These two different types of noise movement require different methods of soundproofing. Knowing the kind of noise, you want to block and what specific direction it's from can save you money and result in more effective soundproofing.

Michaela joined the Shirey Home Pro team in 2017. As our Remodeling Coordinator, she listens to our client’s home maintenance and project needs. She gives them the estimates and schedules for their projects. She also sources and schedules the subcontractors and the necessary materials for projects.

Michaela’s friends and family would describe her as “outgoing, reliable and passionate.” After work, she likes to go to Seahawks and Seattle Thunderbirds games. She is very excited for the Kraken’s inaugural season. When she’s not attending sports games, she’s exploring the great Pacific Northwest.

Now that spring is here and the dreary, cold winter is beginning to fade, it's time to think about the projects you'll need to have done to your house to prepare it for the warmer weather. We recommend you walk around your home, inside and out, identify potential issues and tasks you want to address.

Idea 1: Add to your list pressure washing your home's vinyl sidings, sidewalks, and driveways. 

Outdoor spaces are not only great for entertaining but also for your mental health. Having a place to spend some time in the fresh air and sunlight can clear your head. We could all use some head-clearing fresh air after being stuck inside during lockdown and winter.

However, not everyone has a yard to landscape. Thankfully, a yard is not the only option for an outdoor space. Balconies, while small, can still be made to look grand and functional. We can help make the outdoor oasis of your dreams out of your apartment or condo balcony.

Brett N. states:

Excellent, prompt service from the technician, Victor. Will use again.

Brett N., Seattle, October 2020

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