February 27, 2017
Volume 96, Issue No. 23
2016-17 Officers


  Tom Hanson


  Jeff Condit


  Julie Derrer


  Chris Elsberg


  Mike Bell


  Daryl Empen
2016-17 Board of Directors
   Steve Tollenaer
   Marla Andich
   Steve Fitzsimmons
   Kevin Peterson
   Tarre Kroft
   Sheila Guse

   Ruth Sanders
   Kevin Murphy




  Chuck Dyson
  Joe Robb

  Jerry Upchurch

  Liz Loveless

  Tom Hanson



  Steve Schroder

  Tom Hanson



  Jonathan Turner



  Bill Cleaver

   Sheila Guse,Chair



Jennifer Von Kaenel



   Sheila Guse, Chair


Membership Roster
A full listing of our membership roster is available in the Members Only area of our website.

Upcoming Events, Fundraisers, Dates
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The Opening Act
Club President Tom Hanson called the meeting of February 27th to order. 
Providing our entertainment was Jonathan Turner, and his local band, Sounds of Silence.
There was a plethora of announcements given. 
First, by the time you receive this newsletter, you will have missed the reminder on the noon interclub with the Bettendorf group on February 28th.
This Friday, the Moline Club will be sponsoring a trivia night with The Undertaker.  This event will be held at Trimbles. 
On Sunday, you'll be able to regenerate your sugar and carb shortages by stuffing pancakes in your face in Geneseo, along with the Geneseo Club.
The following Saturday, will be the Liz Loveless bowling exhibition and polyester shirt contest. 
On the 15th of March, there will be an interclub in Kewanee, but before that, on the 11th, the East Moline Club will be hosting a trivia night.  (Hopefully I got these dates and locations correct.)  If you're serious about participating, I would suggest contacting one of the Club Officers or Board members.
While the Andich' s were safely out of town, the message still went out to get ready for Rose Day. 
Guests included Key Clubbers from Rock Island High School as well as Thurgood Marshall Learning Center. 
Chris Ellsberg put out a plea for help, as she has a group working on developing an AKTION Club for the area. 
In Fun and Fellowship, Gene Smith celebrated his return with the preliminary $4.00 prize.  He elected to put this back into the basket and managed to win the wine prize, a mellow, yet unpretentious first squeezing from the Loveless Vineyards and Oil Change Shops.    

The Feature Attraction
The program was given by Anthony Peoples, one of the weather forecasters from Channel 4 News.  Anthony gave his background on to how he eventually came to this area, providing us with some humorous vignettes from previous jobs.  He also gave some of the examples of what being the early morning forecaster consists of, in terms of anticipated hours of sleep. With time for questions, he provided an excellent and very interesting presentation.  

Upcoming Programs

March 6th        Mark Peterson, Spastic Paralysis Research
March 13th      David Levin, State of the Real Estate Market
March 20th      Tell Papanikolaou, Elder Abuse
March 27th      Lora Adams, Blackbox Theatre, Moline

Thought for the Day

"A well-adjusted person is one who makes the same mistake twice without getting nervous." ~ Jane Heard.